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The Network Update, Issue #04


Editor’s Note

Welcome to 2017! A lot has happened since our last update. Perhaps most exciting, initiatives that rely directly on our network’s collaborative spirit are taking off and having an impact. ProgCode’s expanding connections and pooled resources mean we’re already starting to see an impressive cumulative effect on grassroots organizing.

First, we have featured projects PhoneYourRep and Call Them — a perfect example of two projects with complementary goals. Second, check out community highlights and find out how tools created by Sanders campaign volunteers are helping contribute to the organization of the upcoming Women’s March.

New, Amazing, & Happening Now:

New Channels

In addition to the new channels listed below, check out our Master Channel list. You can browse by project, channels that offer discussion spaces for the ProgCode community, Operations channels where the workings of ProgCode are organized, Tech channels, and channels for local action and organization.

  • #osdi by @ben-pr-p. To help understand, develop and implement the Open Supporter Data Interface protocol.
  • #debug-politics by @rapi. Discuss and organize for Debug Politics
  • #project-twilio-wm by @sgeofrank. Women’s March Twilio sms app
  • #project-mailgun-wm by @sgeofrank. Women’s March mailgun tool
  • #project-activism-tool by @tngreene. To discuss the creation of an activism tool or shared API to help accomplish this.
  • #off-site by @preston. To discuss and plan the Off-Site meetings
  • #trumpnomineeoppo by @marcw. Set-up/admin platform to organize grassroots.
  • #network-relations by @rapi. A place for organization partners to be in for support, onboarding and general information.
  • #website-revamp by @danodemo. Discussing the upcoming website revamp.
  • #take2 by @kipchoge. Discuss the direction, purpose, strategy and rationale for the app and organization Take2.

This Week’s Events

See the official ProgCode calendar HERE.

Sunday, January 8 — N/A

Monday, January 9 — N/A

Tuesday, January 10 — N/A

Wednesday, January 11

Thursday, January 12

  • Thoughtworks Meeting in NYC (Madison & 19th)
  • Weekly community call — led by Rapi Castillo (@rapi), about OSDI and data interoperability. RSVP here. 8:30p EST.
  • Weekly staff call — led by Joe Breslin (@joepbreslin), 9:30pm EST.

Friday, January 13

  • Debug Politics, NYC. 7pm.

Saturday, January 14

Featured Project

ProgCode channels PhoneYourRep and CallThem are now working together — the magic of ProgCode’s network, in action! While PhoneYourRep is an API, focusing on accurate data collection (both local and national) and distribution, CallThem is looking for ways to encourage citizens to make phoning their representatives an everyday part of holding government accountable. What’s particularly exciting about these two projects is that they exemplify ProgCode’s ability to connect ideas and initiatives that complement one another.

Community Highlights

You may have heard about the upcoming Women’s March. Now, you can check out three great resources: (for information), (how to get to the march) and (where to stay once you’re there. And here’s a fun fact: all three of these organizing tools were forked from work done by the Sanders’ campaign’s volunteer tech arm! Resources draws from the BernKit, while Buses came from the Bernie Slack Map. Those who took advantage of BernieBNB will recognize MarchBNB as well!

Get Involved


“I am proud to be part of this movement and offer my skills to the betterment of our nation. There are so many of us with untapped privilege, talent, and power. It is my sincere hope that we join together to add more hope, joy, and tolerance to the world — one line of code at a time.”
— @suddengenesis, ProgCode community member
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