PCDC List Guidelines

The Steering Committee of Progressive Communicators of Washington, DC, encourages you to use our email list to share ideas and information of interest to others in the progressive communications field. We ask that you do not use this list to promote for-profit enterprises, product launches or advertisements for services.

Some examples of appropriate uses of the email list:

1. Questions
Please feel free to post questions about how to pitch a story idea; reporters on a particular beat; requests for recommendations for graphic designers, photographers, pollsters, etc.; requests for advice about tools like online surveys, html classes, PRNewswire vs. Vocus, etc; and other questions of that nature. You can get terrific insight and help from your fellow progressive communicators.

2. Professional Development Tips
Please feel free to post anything useful to your fellow progressive communicators such as upcoming free or paid trainings (provided that the posting does not incur income to you or your business); best practices advice, like how to pitch bloggers or reach reporters internationally; book or article recommendations; job openings; and other help of this nature.

3. PCDC Event Ideas
The steering committee welcomes any ideas for upcoming PCDC events and appreciates offers to volunteer to organize events.

Some examples of inappropriate uses of the email list:

1. Postings designed to incur income to you or your business
This includes requests for a job or consulting opportunities. It also includes notices of seminars, trainings and product advertisements that would incur income to you or your business. Offers of free trainings or pro bono consulting, including through “gratitude grants” to nonprofit organizations, are acceptable.

2. Links to your own writing
The exception to this rule is writing that provides guidance on improving communications strategies and tactics.

3. Information that would be useful to consultants…
…but not helpful to in-house communications staff at nonprofit organizations such as requests for office space, referrals to accountants, etc. These posts should be placed on PCDCShopTalk instead.

4. Personal correspondence
We hope that PCDC will generate new relationships and that the email list will be a forum for sharing thoughts with new friends, but if you are providing feedback or ideas that will likely only benefit one person, please contact that person directly.

PCDC’s email list is open, which means that your postings could be forwarded to others. The list is also unmoderated. We are asking all members of our community to voluntarily abide by these guidelines.

If you are unsure of what is appropriate, please email prsue[at]rothpr.com or mfriedman[at]dupontcirclecommunications.com. Thanks for reading this and for all the work you do to make the world a better place.



An informal network of people working in traditional communications and new media who are committed to progressive causes and organizations.

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