A nation regresses
Turns back its successes 
Promotes its excesses
From good it digresses

A charlatan rises
Mocks those he despises
Deceives and disguises

He stirs up the basest
Deplorable, racist
With rhetoric baseless
And vitriol graceless

Online he's inciting
To some he's inviting
To others exciting
To most just plain fright'ning

The ones he seduces
Look past his abuses
Are full of excuses 
Blame liberal ruses

But hate crimes have risen
Despite their derision
Each key staff decision
Makes clearer the vision

Our nation is reeling 
No longer concealing 
The hatred congealing 
Unjust and unfeeling

We must remain wary
Of things we let tarry
Or fester and bury
Because they're too scary

Our silence is treason 
'Gainst honor and reason
Too many conceding
While others are bleeding

And so we stand guarded
Aware of what's started
Rise with the good hearted
To see hatred thwarted

For this is our nation
For all its foundation
Its freedom our station
We are its salvation

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