Civil liberties leader — Rep. Madeline Dean

  • Nate Craig

In Rep. Madeline Dean’s first term in US Congress, the ACLU scored her votes at 79%. That earns her the second highest score of all of her colleagues in the Pennsylvania congressional delegation.

By voting to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002, Rep Dean reclaimed the constitutional right and responsibility of US Congress to determine whether the US goes to war, rather than to delegate that authority to the executive.

Additional highlights are: she voted to grant statehood to Washington, DC. She opposed President Trump’s attempt to summarily ban entry to any group he saw fit to ban from entering the US. Just prior to the pandemic, Rep Dean voted to “Repeal President Trump’s Muslim, asylum, and refugee bans, and make necessary reforms to prevent future discriminatory bans.”

However, warrantless mass surveillance leaves the federal government unaccountable to American citizens. Which is why it is troubling that, in spite of her leadership on protecting our civil liberties, Rep. Dean voted to reauthorize major provisions of former President George W. Bush’s Patriot Act. In voting for the 2020 bill: “USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act of 2020” (H.R. 6172), Rep. Dean authorized the continuation of unaccountable surveillance.

We owe Rep Dean a debt of gratitude for leading our country on the most pressing issues of our time, and as we express our gratitude, we should also press her to protect our right to privacy, as well as continue to protect our right to the first amendment.



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Nate Craig

Nate Craig


It needs to be said, Black Lives Matter. Nate is a former conservative evangelical, who’s now a freelancing progressive writer.