Bernie it MUST be!

We can see Bernie Sanders in the Whitehouse — Here’s why it is imperative that we work together to make that happen.

Andrew Somers
Feb 2, 2020 · 6 min read
This attractive house has Bernie’s name on it. Photo by Don Shin

A Dying Nation Without Health Care

a Facebook political forum, I was reading the shocking stories of what people still have to go though regarding healthcare — even with good jobs. The financial strife and constant hurdles we face due to our dysfuctional healthcare system has convinced me now more than ever, we have to elect Bernie. If we fail to do that, our entire nation and way of life will be gone.

I am GenX¹, and I can tell you I remember how much better things were before the 80’s trojan horse president (aka Ronald Reagan). Things were better for the rich, for the poor, for the middle class, and for those in need. I remember growing up poor for the era, but that was still not as bad as the poverty I see today.

What happened?

I’ve watched this nation decline and FALL, while the powers in control lied to us about false concepts & corrupt polices such as “trickle down economics,” with much of the media as their eager accomplice.

Today families struggle, families are torn apart, the nation leads the world in prison populations, citizens are dying without proper care, our infrastructure is rusted and crumbling, and the political system has devolved into an oligarchy of corruption and mismanagement.

I feel nauseous at how badly our nation has deteriorated.

This is No Longer a Nation of Promise;

It is a Nation of Demise.

We CAN fix this. With Bernie.

Bernie is the only politician I have seen in my entire life that can bring our nation back to us. Bernie can reverse the horrendous damage that Reagan and the neocons did (not to mention the Bush and Trump damage).

Biden WILL NOT Fix Anything.

Biden’s record is abysmal, he’s only in the race as the power elite’s lackey. And the others don’t have the strength of Bernie (with a possible exception for Warren, but she would be an ideal running mate with Bernie as I’ll discuss later. A Bernie/Warren ticket will destroy Trump.)

Footnote ¹ I’m technically GenX, despite some of my readers calling me Boomer — LOL get off my lawn you kids! 😉

We the people still have the power. Let’s use it while we still can. Photo by Edwin Andrade

MORE IMPORTANT: Mobilization!

Ending Republican control of the Senate is even more important than who ends up as president.

need to mobilize the Democrat, Green, & Independant voters in states where Republican Senators are up for re-election, and flip those seats to Democrats. Bernie is the ideal candidate to mobilize voters of all ages and get everyone exited about change. He can make that happen; his popularity is soaring.

If we are to flip seats like those in Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado, and Maine — we need all hands on deck, all voters voting, everyone engaged, and excited about real change.

Bernie has enough strength to bring in voters, and energize those that rarely vote.

This makes it conceivable that we could even flip Kansas, Iowa, and perhaps even oust McConnell from the Kentucky seat. Sure this may seem like a dream but it’s not that far fetched — McConnell’s chief opponent is Democrat Amy McGrath: a former Marine and Navy fighter pilot who raised 2.5 million her first day as a candidate.

Dramatic presentation of Biden’s campaign against Trump. Beyond a train-wreck, Biden is a shipwreck of Poseidon proportions. Photo by John Koliogiannis

Biden on the other hand will mobilize no one.

Biden will just breed more-of-the-same apathy at the polls. Setting aside Biden’s poor track record and the fact that he is a terrible choice for president at any time in history, it’s useful to realize that Biden will lose against Trump and is a disaster for this time in history.

Remember the disaster movie “Poseidon Adventure” with the big sinking ship? That’s Biden. Biden is Poseidon.

What is your passion? Your family? Your Art? Your commitment to justice and honesty? Let that guide you. Photo by Ian Schneider


I have said “you had better make sure you have health coverage with no-deductible by age 40.” Some take it as a sly joke, but it is a warning and advisory. And I’m dead serious.

This relates to a cautionary tail. In my late 40s my union health coverage ran out, and it did so at a very very bad time. I’m not going to get into details, but I lost essentially everything and I’m still picking up the pieces years later.

Today I have nothing left to lose, and only one motivation now: Make change in the world. Positive, Pro-Active change. I am not in a position to run for any office, but I am able to shout from websites as loudly I can:


We CAN make it happen.

  • We need to convince Warren and Biden supporters that Bernie IS the best choice to face Trump in the general election. The other Democratic candidates I suspect will fall off not too long after Iowa.
  • But it is obvious that Biden is in bed with big money, and so he’s not going to go quietly. But he must go, and we need to guide Biden supporters to Bernie.
  • Ideally, we encourage Warren supporters to get behind the idea that she’d be an ideal running mate for Bernie (and convince Bernie as well):
  • — A selling point is: A Bernie/Warren ticket almost guarantees four solid terms in the Whitehouse for Democrats: two Bernie, then two Warren.
  • — Another selling point: A Bernie/Warren ticket is a power-house combo that will steamroll over Trump.
  • And please Bernie if you’re listening, and also my fellow Bernie supporters, please stop using the term Socialist. Not even “democratic socialism” is useable in today’s climate. These terms are tainted right now, having been run over by the GOP propaganda machine. On this last point:

“SOCIAL DEMOCRAT” is perhaps best.

If I thought there was a way to use a term like “SECURED CAPITALISM” or “SOCIAL CENTRISM” I’d push for those, but it’s probably too late in the process, so “SOCIAL DEMOCRAT” is probably a best solution at the moment. But not “Democratic Socialism.”

Why? Because every time someone says “socialism” in connection with Bernie, his position moves toward negative in the minds of the centrist & on-the-fence voters, who have been fed so much biased propaganda about that word.

In a War of Words, Victory Goes to Those That Listen First.

We as a people have unmatched strength when we all pull together. Photo by Anna Samoylova

Together WE GOT THIS. We CAN see Bernie in the Whitehouse. It’s not a dream. It is not idealism. It is a reality we can all be a part of. It is the best choice at this time for our nation and our families.

Bernie Sanders is what our nation desperately needs.

— Andrew Somers



(Just wanted to mention in closing, this is about the most brilliant campaign slogan in the history of the United States. Thank you Bernie.)

I am not officially connnected to Bernie’s campaign, and my opinions as stated above are my own.

In full disclosure, I do volunteer to phone-bank for Bernie at my friend’s weekly phone bank party. I would like to encourage you to get involved too! Bernie has made it very easy at his site:

America the Beautiful. Worth preserving? YES. Photo by Sam Loyd

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Andrew Somers

Written by

Color-Obsessed Researcher, Investigative Journalist & Columnist, Hollywood Actor, Filmmaker, & 3x Emmy® Winner, and Itinerant Technology Evangelist

The Progressive Humanist

Featuring an open discussion of Progressive Politics, Secular Humanism, and the Progressive Movement. Our core values are defined as TRUTH illuminating FAIRNESS, JUSTICE, and LIBERTY

Andrew Somers

Written by

Color-Obsessed Researcher, Investigative Journalist & Columnist, Hollywood Actor, Filmmaker, & 3x Emmy® Winner, and Itinerant Technology Evangelist

The Progressive Humanist

Featuring an open discussion of Progressive Politics, Secular Humanism, and the Progressive Movement. Our core values are defined as TRUTH illuminating FAIRNESS, JUSTICE, and LIBERTY

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