Oct 7 · 2 min read

Our tech team has prepared another update for you!

Check out the change log and see what’s new in ScandiPWA 2.3.0:

New my-account

  • More extendability possibilities — old MyAccount was broken down into 10+ components.
  • Address Form and Address Table — later used in orders page & checkout.
  • Customer Form and Customer table.
  • Moved all account related mutation (excluding global events, like f.e.: sig-in, sign-out) to container class of my-account.

New UI Components & Abstractions

  • New UI Component — Popup. Is a child class of Overlay, but expects a title and payload to be rendered.
  • Abstractions for key-value table rendering, new styles for tables.

PDP / PLP enhancements:

  • Sorting by position
  • For configurable attributes ability to de-select options has been implemented.
  • Variants, which are missing (due qty in stock, visibility, existence) are now correctly rendered.


  • Cart products is no longer stored in local-storage, the totals object is (including cart items).
  • Cart is now “item” based, not “product” based.

Bug fixes:

  • Coupon codes are now visible in Checkout Summary.
  • Thumbnail of configurable product is displayed if there are no thumbnail specified for variant.
  • When navigating from PDP to PLP the state of category persist.
  • Category no longer requests unnecessary requests.

Visit our GitHub to get the latest ScandiPWA files!

Want to improve your store’s performance, boost engagement, and increase conversions? Interested how open-source PWA theme for Magento can help you to stay ahead of your competition by leveraging the best cutting-edge technology for eCommerce right now?

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The First Open Source PWA Theme for Magento

Progressive Web Apps

All you need to know about Progressive Web Apps

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