Progressive Web Apps are now listed in Samsung Galaxy Store

Aleksandrs Hodakovskis
Progressive Web Apps
2 min readOct 23, 2019


Great to see yet another example of increasing adoption of PWA technology!

Now, Samsung is listing Progressive Web Apps in the dedicated “Web Apps” section in Samsung Galaxy Store, placing PWAs alongside native apps.

As Ada Rose Cannon from Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy Team explained, to further integrate Progressive Web Apps into the Samsung experience, Samsung now allows to install Progressive Web Apps directly from Galaxy Store.

(Image Source-Ada Rose Cannon)

Web apps are currently only available in the US Galaxy Store.

Samsung prioritizes Progressive Web Apps

Along with Google and Microsoft, Samsung has been explicitly advocating the concept of Progressive Web Apps. Previously the company introduced the “Install Web App” button for the Samsung Internet browser, indicating that the web app can be installed to the device.

How to submit a PWA to Galaxy Store?

In order to submit your web app to the Samsung Galaxy Store simply send the app’s URL to and wait for your app to be listed!

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