Puma launches on ScandiPWA

Puma, the world-famous sports fashion manufacturer begins a spree of their international store openings by adopting ScandiPWA for Puma Mexico.


Launched in 3 months

Delivered by Scandiweb with the superior customer experience and future-proof dependability goal in mind.

  • Ensured previous store legacy feature compatibility with ScandiPWA
  • ScandiPWA restructured to match data integrity between business branches in various countries
  • Template-tailored loading experience for maximum performance
  • Receiving first orders in a matter of minutes after the launch

Puma project integrations

Business-specific event handling giving full user journey insights

Advanced Adyen 3D Secure payments implementation

On the edge cloud caching achieving superior page load speeds

AI-powered Smart Search boosting sales and user experience

ScandiPWA leads to
200% business growth

“After launching our new website we got a tremendous spike in sales & hike in conversion rate compared to last year achieving 200% growth!”

Gaurav Mahendra Singh
E-Commerce Manager at Al-Majed 4 Oud

We are celebrating the success of the project delivered by our partner Embitel Technologies. Al-Majed 4 Oud is one of the many ScandiPWA success stories, check them all out in our case study library.

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