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Welcome to this week’s issue of ScandiPWA updates. We’ll recap the biggest things that have been happening lately.

Latest tech updates

We are happy to announce that just a couple of weeks after ScandiPWA’s tech team rolled out the 2.2.0 version we are having another release.

Here are some highlights from the change log:

New my-account

  • More extendability possibilities — old MyAccount was broken down into 10+ components.
  • Address Form and Address Table — later used in orders page & checkout.
  • Customer Form and Customer table.
  • Moved all account related mutation (excluding global events, like f.e.: sig-in, sign-out) to container class of my-account.

New UI Components & Abstractions

  • New UI Component — Popup. Is a child class of Overlay, but expects a title and payload to be rendered.
  • Abstractions for key-value table rendering, new styles for tables.

PDP / PLP enhancements

  • Sorting by position
  • For configurable attributes ability to de-select options has been implemented.
  • Variants, which are missing (due qty in stock, visibility, existence) are now correctly rendered.


  • Cart products is no longer stored in local-storage, the totals object is (including cart items).
  • Cart is now “item” based, not “product” based.

Visit our GitHub to get the files and don’t forget to ⭐️ if you like what we are doing!

The ultimate PWA guide is here!

We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited PWA ebook!

The ebook provides a detailed overview of Progressive Web Apps, explaining the technology, its features, business benefits, as well as unveiling the best practices and case studies for your inspiration.

Get the free copy of PWA ebook to find answers to all of your PWA-related questions, as well as explore why Progressive Web Apps is a truly revolutionary solution!

ScandiPWA at Meet Magento Baltics 19

Last week Scandiweb gathered Magento merchants, agencies, developers, and visionaries, to run the first ever Meet Magento event in the Baltic states.

As always, PWA was one of the most discussed topics both on the stage and during the networking breaks.

Here’s a little throwback to the event:

PWA workshop for developers

While speakers were sharing their insights and inspirational talks at the main stage, ScandiPWA team held a seven-hours long PWA workshop for developers.

Guided by the lead frontend developer, within just one day workshop participants created a PWA store running on Magento!

Thanks everyone for joining! We are thrilled to see so many people willing to gain a deeper knowledge of how to integrate PWAs into Magento using ScandiPWA theme!

We hope you enjoyed the latest ScandiPWA updates. Follow us on Twitter or join the first Magento PWA community in our Slack channel where you can stay up-to-date with our work, explore the latest technical progress, ask questions and meet other enthusiasts!

ScandiPWA is the first open-source PWA theme for Magento.

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Progressive Web Apps

All you need to know about Progressive Web Apps


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The First Open Source PWA Theme for Magento

Progressive Web Apps

All you need to know about Progressive Web Apps

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