ScandiPWA Updates: Issue 31

Jan 10 · 3 min read

New release, new video tutorials, ScandiPWA is going to Meet Magento India and more in this week’s issue of ScandiPWA Updates!

New release: Optimized performance, improved components and more in ScandiPWA 2.8.2.

ScandiPWA development team prepared another release!

Performance optimization

Performance optimization was applied to back-end modules. This release adds them as theme dependency.

Improved Field component

The Input component was added in order to encapsulate the <input> rendering logic, optimized Field component performance and code repetition.

“Add to cart” notifications

The disabled button was confusing to some users — we made it always “press-able” if something is configured wrong — the notification will indicate this!

Bug fixes

As usual, every release comes out with multiple bug fixes and other important notes. Check out the complete changelog here:

How does multi-store setup work in ScandiPWA?

We've prepared a video tutorial to explain how multi-site setup works in ScandiPWA theme!

In this video, we are demonstrating some of the ScandiPWA theme’s multi-store properties, such as URLs, logos, default pages, languages, menus, products and prices, currencies, coloraturas and content customizations, shipping and payment methods.

Meet ScandiPWA core team at Meet Magento India

Last week we've shared the exciting news that Antons Sapriko, ScandiPWA founder and the CEO of has joined the Meet Magento India 2020 speakers list!

Today we are excited to announce that this year ScandiPWA will be a Silver Sponsor of the MeetMagento India 2020 event! This time, the event is happening in Mumbai on February 1.

If you are going to be in Mumbai on February 1st, make sure to visit our booth to catch-up and discuss the hottest technology in eCommerce in 2020!

Looking to get the most of your visit to Meet Magento India? Reach out to us to schedule a meeting with ScandiPWA team in advance and let's discuss how you can leverage the open-source PWA theme.

If you can't make it this time, don't worry! Find out more about partnership opportunities here and let's schedule a call 🙂

Free Webinar: Data tracking for PWA

Join Scandiweb's Senior Digital Analytics Specialist Igors on January 22 at 3 PM GMT for a free webinar on Data Tracking for eCommerce PWA and find out all the roadblocks to the PWA data tracking setup, and get a sneak peek of our approach and learnings!

Sign-up for a webinar here.

We hope you enjoyed the latest ScandiPWA updates. Follow us on Twitter or join the first Magento PWA community in our Slack channel where you can stay up-to-date with our work, explore the latest technical progress, ask questions and meet other enthusiasts!

ScandiPWA is the first open-source PWA theme for Magento.

Progressive Web Apps

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The First Open Source PWA Theme for Magento

Progressive Web Apps

All you need to know about Progressive Web Apps

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