ScandiPWA Updates: May 15 (Issue #48)

New releases, performance optimization, a sneak peek at extensibility functionality, and more in this week's issue of ScandiPWA updates!

Extensions 101: A New Video Workshop!

In this first video from the series dedicated to working with extensions in ScandiPWA, we are providing a sneak-peek into the upcoming ScandiPWA 3.x version and talking about the general approaches used to implement extensions.

Let's take a look at extensibility functionality and what you will be able to do soon. During this video workshop, we're demonstrating some basic concepts of extensibility functionality in ScandiPWA, as well as we'll demonstrate how one can implement a simple extension.

More detailed videos will follow soon!

Performance Optimization

The ScandiPWA development team worked hard to deliver several new releases related to catalog-graphql, making the sites work much faster now!

2.8.0. PDP performance, Fuzzy search

In this release, the max/min and count were made loading on demand — if requested in the schema. Additionally, the configurable attribute filter is now bypassed on for single-product requests. This makes product detail pages (PDP) loading faster.

Combined enhancements gave 40% load increase for PDP.


2.8.1. Search performance

The same logic (as described in 2.8.0 release notes) was applied for search, resulting in a 40% performance boost!


2.7.5. Patch: “empty” categories are not shown in filtered navigation

The patch addresses the issue with anchor categories, which were not displayed in layered navigation if they directly had no products.


Status Report & Announcing New Plans — ScandiPWA Community Session with Developers

ScandiPWA frontend lead Alfreds shared the development report and sneak peek at the next updates that will be available shortly. Watch the video and learn what to expect from the team!

New release: Code-style, Stability improvements in ScandiPWA 2.12.1

In the latest release, the ScandiPWA dev team is focusing on improving the code-style and stability of the theme.

Here’s the feature breakdown:

Code style improvements

Added four major ESLint rules:

  • react/jsx-no-useless-fragment to prevent useless fragment definition
  • curly - to make sure all ifs are using {}
  • brace-style - to ensure all block statement curly brackets are on new lines
  • react/sort-comp - patch after react ESLint plugin update which forced to reorder some rules

Bug fixes

  • MenuOverlay overflow (on layer above first)
  • Fixed category bread-crumbs sorting
  • Brought missing url-rewrites back
  • Search-Overlay stability improvements (not final)
  • Shared transition z-index fix
  • Italian translations

Learn more about ScandiPWA releases and get the latest ScandiPWA files in our Github:

Weekly community session with agencies

Weekly community session with merchants

We hope you enjoyed the latest ScandiPWA updates. Follow us on Twitter or join the first Magento PWA community in our Slack channel where you can stay up-to-date with our work, explore the latest technical progress, ask questions and meet other enthusiasts!

ScandiPWA is the first open-source PWA theme for Magento



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