Illustration for “1936” a Project 105 flash fiction story

She had met him at one of those political meetings where everybody talked at the same time and the room smelled of sweat and mushrooms. He had talked her into the necessity of raising the consciousness of the masses. Every Sunday morning for over a year, they had ridden the train to the botanical gardens at the Parc de la Tête d’Or to practice yoga on a pair of matching grey field blankets she had purchased from a wine merchant.

She had hoped something more would come of their relationship, but he was married and faithful to too many causes, and she had to pay cash for his instruction.

1936 is the second story of Project 105 — illustrated flash fiction. The 105 hand-embroidered original illustrations of Project 105 are being given away to people who might not otherwise have access to art, fiction or both. Each art recipient is also given a free original copy of the story. To learn more about Project 105 or to sign up and become eligible to receive a piece of art visit www.pmneist.com