The seer’s dog

PM Neist
PM Neist
Aug 10, 2017 · 2 min read
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She came from a long line of wise women, all of them seers or magicians, or both. When time came for her to pick her dog, she made it clear that she wasn’t interested in a five-pound yapper with a sweater.

It took her months to find him: a mutt, supposedly. She liked the fullness of his tail and his smooth, shiny coat, though his legs were short and his nose too pointy to be taken seriously.

But she liked his attitude. Here was a dog who knew who to bark at and when to stop. She appreciated his restrained way of lifting a paw, when asked, and of sniffing delicately at the hems of men’s pants.

She called him Gus after another good dog she had known, and to spite a neighbor of the same name.

She trained him to trace those signs that her own senses failed to detect. They became a couple, inseparable, bound by the strength of their combined instincts.

“The seer’s dog” is the 10th story of Project 105 — illustrated flash fiction. All 105 hand-embroidered original illustrations of Project 105 are being gifted to individuals who express an interest in art and fiction. Preference is given to first time art owners and to those who might not otherwise have access to art, fiction or both. Each art recipient is also given a free original copy of the story. To learn more about Project 105 or to sign up and become eligible to receive a Project 105 illustration visit

Project 105

105 pieces of illustrated flash fiction by P.M. Neist

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