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Here’s a No-Fail, Nonviolent Trigger for Transitioning to a New Society

How to gently achieve the transition from Society 3.0 to Society 4.0, without war, widespread trauma or economic collapse

“The world may end up under a Sword of Damocles on a tightrope over the abyss.” — Andrei A. Gromyko, Soviet communist politician during the Cold War. Photo by Casey Horner.

Weird, weird stuff is going on. Far, far weirder than the mass media noise of Stormy Daniels, raids of lawyers offices, compromised data, Facebook testimony and threats of nuclear war. These headlines are merely intentional distractions to hide the deeper collapse our society faces. We are literally at a tipping point.

“We are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth.”— Vernor Vinge, science fiction author and retired professor.

What I’m about to cover may shock you. The topic is certainly not something I’m comfortable writing about, but it needs to be said. I’ve known vaguely about some of this stuff before, but I was introduced to a much bigger picture by someone who reached out recently as a result of Project 2030. The only reason I’m writing about a topic that frankly sickens me, is because I think it may hold the key to an easy transition to Society 4.0.

First, to put things in context, I need to go back a little in time.

One of our stops: Château d’Esclimont in St. Symphorien-le-Château, which was built for the Archbishop of Tours in 1543.

In 2002 my then partner and I relocated from Edinburgh, UK to Madrid, Spain. Rather than flying to Madrid, we decided to do a 2-week road trip through rural France and Spain. That trip remains one of the highlights of my many travels because of the indescribable beauty of the countryside and ancient architecture, as well as the warm hearts of the locals we met.

The trip was entirely through countryside, and the only city we stopped in was Paris. As was our custom when we arrived in a city we hadn’t visited before, we arranged a city tour with the hotel’s concierge. Hiring a local driver for a few hours is by far the best way of discovering non-touristy, local places of interest.

Diana, Princess of Wales

As it happened, our particular driver turned out to be a personal friend of Henri Paul, the driver of the car in which Princess Diana was tragically killed on 31 August 1997. Since I’ve always been skeptical of the official explanation of the accident, I asked him what he knew about the incident. Turns out that he (and the entire French professional drivers’ association) had many theories.

He offered to take us through the tunnel, travelling at the same speed at which the accident happened. Since he’d obviously done this many times before, we agreed. He took great delight in reenacting the moments before the accident and went to great lengths to explain how there was no way a professional driver couldn’t have been able to handle the speed (official reports said about 105km/h). He also vehemently denied that Henri was under the influence of any substance, as was reported at the time.

I then asked him whether he thought the accident had been planned, and he was totally convinced it had. When I asked him why, he said just one word, “pédophilie,” and refused to say any more.

I subsequently discovered that there were suspicions that Diana could have exposed Prince Charles’ ties to an elite pedophile ring. This claim aligned with similar scandals in the US, including the CIA Finders Scandal and the Franklin Scandal, which all claimed widespread child abuse and prostitution at the highest levels of government, business and church. Since pedophilia doesn’t directly concern me (or so I thought), I gave the matter no further consideration.

Vladimir Putin

In late 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the Dima Yakovlev Law, prohibiting Russian children from being adopted by American citizens. It was a controversial bill, because it immediately denied many Russian orphans the privilege of a better life. However, when proposing the bill, Putin explained that Russia will not be responsible for the abuse of Russian children at the hands of American pedophiles. Putin has apparently warned that the ban will remain until President Trump takes care of the sex trafficking epidemic and lives up to his promise to “drain the swamp” of pedophiles in the US.

In September 2013, Putin took part in the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. In his speech, Putin took aim at the moral degradation sweeping the West in a politically rare display of candour:

0:35: “The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these counties indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimisation of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.” — Putin

(Sub-titles in the video can be corroborated with this official translation.)

Prior to his recent previously undisclosed second meeting with Donald Trump at the G20 Summit in June 2017, Putin apparently issued a warning that if Trump didn’t expose the elite pedophile networks, then he would “begin naming names.”

Basically, it appears that Putin has dirt on Trump that extends way beyond a “pee pee tape” and is threatening to expose him. What this means is that the level of blackmail required among the world’s leaders to keep pedophilia hushed is slowly unravelling. Bear in mind the long-term ties Trump has with the pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who is in turn linked to British royals and other high-profile pedophiles. Each have dirt on each other, in a high-stakes game of “if you expose me, I’ll expose you.” The most powerful person — who also appears to have the cleanest reputation, at least as far as pedophilia is concerned — is Putin.

Why does pedophilia matter?

Let me stress again, this is not a topic I enjoy writing about, much less researching. The scale of the issue and the size of the networks involved in covering it up are immense. This is a global scandal in which almost every single one of the infamous 1% are involved in some way, or at least aware of and do nothing about. Pedophilia is the underlying reason for the absolute lack of moral leadership at a time when we so desperately need to intercede in our collective path.

It’s also unlikely that any kind of pedophilia whistle-blowing will have the slightest impact. Many attempts to expose pedophilia have failed before: Corey Feldman has written a book and attempted to make a movie exposing pedophilia in Hollywood; numerous activist groups exist around the world trying to combat pedophilia; there’s a long list of sex offenders in the US government — this stuff is hardly secret anymore; the UK government has launched investigations into the Westminster pedophile dossier; Time magazine has documented UK’s pedophilia coverups; US psychologist and TV show host Dr. Phil exposed human trafficking of sex slaves among the elite echelons of society; James Corbett has on ongoing open-source investigation into pedophilia in politics; Ted Gunderson, former FBI special agent and head of their L.A. office, worked to uncover and expose these horrors before he died in 2011; Steve Pieczenik, former US Department of State official turned whistle-blower in 2012; the website Want to Know has a long list of sex scandals; and Joachim Hagopian is documenting an extensive book exposing the long history of pedophilia around the globe.

Despite all the activity to expose the horror and extent of pedophilia, the despicable practice continues, unseen and unchecked.

That said, I am encouraged by the success of the #MeToo movement. While not directly related to pedophilia, the movement is bringing a voice to those affected by sexual assault and has resulted in allegations against the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, Roy Price, Martin Weiss and other alleged pedophiles. The #MeToo movement is important, because as more and more people at lower levels are ousted, it becomes more and more likely that the allegations will filter up the network. It’s my belief that the raid on Trump’s lawyer has nothing to do with payments to women and everything to do with pedophilia. We will have to wait and see.

OK, so what does pedophilia have to do with the transition to Society 4.0?

As tragic as pedophilia is for the victims involved, exposing pedophilia is much more about ousting global leaders who have abused our trust. This is an important distinction. Pedophilia is the golden thread connecting all the leaders and representatives of everything that no longer serves humanity: big oil, big pharma, big tobacco, big soda, big banking, big government, big taxes, big unemployment, big surveillance, big manipulation, big dumbing down. You get the point. If we can get one to topple, it’s likely the others will come crashing down too, or simply resign and disappear to avoid the scandal.


Ever since I started working on Project 2030, I’ve wondered how we can successfully make the transition from Society 3.0 to 4.0. I’ve known that governments will likely resist the promised decentralisation that blockchain loudly promises. I’ve known that system resets have occurred in the past, but they usually involve traumatic events like war, famine or plague — events we’d all much rather avoid. And so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing viable alternatives. I believe pedophilia may hold the key.

A few days ago I was told about an upcoming Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. It is the first truly independent Judicial Commission of its kind, and has garnered tremendous international political and diplomatic advocacy. The principal intention behind the Commission is not to instigate witch-hunts or target particular figures, but rather to set in motion a culture that ensures the restoration of truth, disclosure, reconciliation, and redemption surrounding human trafficking and child sex abuse.

The audacious goal of the Judicial Commission is to achieve in 9–12 months what whistle-blowers, governments and leaders of the world have failed to do in centuries — shed the FULL light of truth on the true nature and extent of the human trafficking and child sex abuse pandemic. Inaugural hearings will be recorded at Westminster Hall in London on April 16–18, 2018.

Since this is an independent inquiry (important because it must be conducted outside of the existing corrupt system and it must be global), the team behind the initiative needs our help. Please, please, please would you consider signing their treaty to show your support? You can meet the commissioners here. You can also contribute to their crowdfunding campaign, with a once-off amount starting at only $3.00. I seldom contribute to campaigns because I seldom see any that have the potential to achieve massive social change. This one does.

Thank you for your consideration. And thank you for reading about something which hasn’t been easy for me to write.

“Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated, and seen through by the passion of individuals.” — Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist




Project 2030 is an audaciously bold, sweeping vision to migrate the human species from competitive societies to collaborative societies. Get the blueprint for shifting your community from poverty to thrivability, while shifting the system.

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