Project 500 Years
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Project 500 Years

1599: English rout in Ireland (again); Persia; Kerala

Venetian painting of a 1603 Persian diplomatic mission to Venice

Elizabeth’s protege the Earl of Essex fails badly in Ireland

Miniature of Essex as a youth
Statue of Red Hugh O’Donnell

Safavid Shah’s chaotic diplomatic mission to Europe

Engraving of Hossain Ali Beg, done in Prague

Catholics subvert, split indigenous Christians of Southern India

Mar Sabor and Mar Proth, 9th-century CE Saints of the Malabar Church
Copper plates from 849 CE, attesting to privileges of St. Thomas Christian Church in Malabar



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Helena Cobban

Veteran analyst of global affairs, with a focus on the Middle East. Senior Fellow, Ctr for International Policy. Fuller bio at my Wikipedia page.