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Project 500 Years

1680: Pueblo Uprising vs. Spanish in today’s New Mexico. A census in Barbados.

Picture showing some sacred kachina dolls from Pueblos of the area of the Pueblo Revolt

Pueblo Revolt in North America’s interior

Sketch map of the historical Pueblos in the SW of today’s USA
Unveiling in 2005 of the Po’pay statue in the rotunda of the U.S. Congress building. The artist, Cliff Fragua (at right), was the first American Indian artist to have a statue placed in the Statuary Hall. See the knotted rope.

The 1680 census of Barbados



Helena Cobban looks at seminal developments in world history, from 1415 till today, with periodic musings on what it all means.

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Helena Cobban

Veteran analyst of global affairs, with some focus on the Middle East. Senior Fellow, Ctr for International Policy. Fuller bio at my Wikipedia page.