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The role of emotions

Our emotions are more than just the way we feel. Let’s put it this way; the way we feel is how our energy is directed so emotions are actually energy in motion.

In Harry Potter 1, when Harry was learning quidditch for the first time, the instructor asked them to yell “up” and they started yelling. Then she added “with feeling”. That struck me real hard because that was some truth they put in there for those who would see it. Adding “feeling” to your thoughts and words give them fuel for manifestation. That is what enthusiasm or passion is…basically that is the role of emotions.

However, we use emotions wrong. Instead of using them to create, we use them only to react and as such we keep creating more of what already is, if what we are reacting to is good, then it’s fine but when we are reacting to something we don’t like, then we just make more of it by “hating” or “worrying” and that’s not ideal is it?

When we “feel” something, then we believe that thing and once we believe something, our subconscious becomes tasked with creating or showing us more of it. If a person is not nice to you and you react angrily, it means you have believed the person to be negative and by default, that person will be more negative to you. You’ll complain indefinitely with little or no result and that is how most people who are unaware behave.

So what do you do if you want a negative person out of your reality?

Do not react to their negativity. Don’t let them ‘annoy’ you. Look at it like they are teaching you tolerance and do not try to change them. Explore all the avenues you have to be in a different space from them and when you find you are not in their space, don’t reminisce about them. Keep them in your consciousness as little as possible and they will fade away naturally.

When you see something you like, embrace it wholeheartedly. Allow yourself to like and appreciate those things. Here is an example that can help. A lady has a crush on a guy and after crushing for weeks, the guy comes over to talk to her and she acts cold and distant. That is an example of not allowing yourself to like what you like. The guy will probably walk away and the lady will feel bad that he didn’t ‘try hard enough’. I don’t know who taught us to pretend that we don’t like something when we actually do. Our emotions create more of themselves so if you find a happy place, dwell there and allow yourself to be happy.

Emotions and your future.

Let’s say a person is in debt. There is a certain feeling that comes with it; fear and insecurity make that list…but you see as long as those feelings are there, the subconscious believes that to be your reality and will do everything to sustain that reality. In order to create a reality of abundance, do everything to create a different feeling. Go watch something funny and get your mind off those feelings of fear and insecurity; it’s usually not easy but no form of change is…it’s the price we pay to create a different reality and you learn to enjoy the process. The fact that things are not going great is no reason to carry a grumpy face. Look for what makes you happy and keep those things close. Where your attention lies, your energy flows towards and more things are made to help you sustain that energy flow.

Emotions are internal. External events do not influence our emotions. They create thoughts within us which then influence our emotions — get it? It is only our own thoughts that can influence our emotions so in those situations when we say “he made me angry”, it was because we had not trained our mind to realize that it is in charge of how it processes and reacts to external influences. And speaking of training, it is a continuous process but it starts with the realization that we are in charge and not some external factor.

As you imagine yourself in the relationship you want, you should feel as you would feel if you had that relationship right now; that creates the belief necessary for the subconscious to bring it into reality. The more often the thought and feeling, the stronger the belief. Does this make sense?

Do you even know that when negative emotions stay in the body for too long, they create diseases? Fear worries the kidneys and shock worries the heart (I know right?). Negative emotions are feedback and we should use them for only that purpose. They teach us exactly how ‘out of alignment’ we are and our job is to ‘get back in alignment’ once we start feeling those negative things — we shouldn’t let our being dwell on them for extended periods of time.

And lastly…

You should know that every emotion has a frequency (and they should — emotions are energy in motion) and that frequency is actually what connects with other things on that frequency to sustain that emotional state. A person who decides to be angry will keep finding things to keep them angry meanwhile a person with a lighter outlook may experience the same things but not be angry about them — see how that works?

Be intentional with this if you want a good life experience. There is no need to dwell on lower frequency emotions if you like to be healthy and vibrant. It’s really simple. Look around you at the people who are almost always sad, angry or worrisome; surely you don’t want to be around them because they ‘drag’ you down. So it is if you decide to stay sad, angry or worrisome — you are going to drag others down.

I feel it is better to be the person with high spirits — yeah in this world one may not be able to sustain ‘high’ spirits all the time but we can do 80/20 and that counts for something.

I wish you the best as you practice intentional emotions.



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