An Update On Developer Meetings

Hey folks! A short one for today.

TL;DR: We the Athens maintainers have set up this calendar so that everyone who wants to come to a dev meeting can look and/or subscribe, and they’ll always know when the next dev meeting time is, in their time zone.

New developments on the developer meetings!

We’ve gone through a few different things with our developer meetings:

  • We decided to meet at different times every week, so that more people might be able to make it
  • I created a Meetup Group for folks to join and be reminded of the meetings
  • I’m trying to tweet more before the meeting, so that more folks can come

When we started rotating the times and it was going well! More people started coming. Yay!

Then, since the time wasn’t always the same every week, it got hard for all of us to remember when the next meeting was. Oh no!

So, I created the meetup group that still lives today. We don’t exactly fit the use case for Meetup, and the big problem that arose is they don’t support time zones.

I thought they did, I even told people they did, but they don’t. I caused a lot of confusion and overall I really messed up on this

I’m hoping that folks will forgive me and come back and join us at the next developer meeting. Here’s how we’re aiming to fix the confusion and make sure everyone knows when the next meeting is in their time zone. Because that’s kind of important!

  • This is the biggest one: we created a calendar that everyone can see, without creating an account or logging in. You can also subscribe to this calendar.
  • We updated all the meetup pages with a big banner that says “check the calendar, the time you see here isn’t the right time!”
  • We’re going to try and tweet out a reminder every week with lots of notice before the dev meeting

That’s all for today. If you missed a dev meeting because some place on the internet said one time and the meeting actually happened at another time, I truly apologize!

I hope all of this makes it better 😃

As always, if you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to @ me (I’m @arschles) in the Gophers Slack, or DM me.

Keep on rockin’, Gophers!

Project Athens

A distributed proxy server for Go (Golang) modules

Aaron Schlesinger

Written by

Gopher, containerizer, and Kubernetes-er

Project Athens

A distributed proxy server for Go (Golang) modules

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