Aaron Schlesinger
Mar 13 · 1 min read

Shortly after we released Athens v0.3.0 (codename “Medusa” 😃), one of our awesome community members found a memory issue in our Minio storage driver. Oh noes!

Athens + minio doesn’t leak memory anymore, yay!

Lots of folks banded together quickly after the initial report, started debugging, and tested a fix, and pretty soon, we merged PR #1107 and released v0.3.1 to fix the memory leak for everyone!

If you use the minio storage driver with Athens, please upgrade to the v0.3.1 release.

If you’re using Docker containers to run Athens, we’ve published the new gomods/athens:v0.3.1 container for your use.

As we harden our release process, we’re going to be adding more tests to prevent leaks like these in the future.

I’ve never seen a problem like this get fixed so quickly by so many folks working together. Thank you so much to all the Athenians for making a bugfix so fun to fix. 🎉

Keep on rockin’

Project Athens

A distributed proxy server for Go (Golang) modules

Aaron Schlesinger

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Gopher, containerizer, and Kubernetes-er

Project Athens

A distributed proxy server for Go (Golang) modules

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