Charity and Painting: 08

Galapagos Conservancy

Holiday Park , 9" x 12", watercolor on paper

About this week’s charity

The Galapagos Conservancy has one purpose and one purpose only — the long-term protection of the Galapagos Islands. To that end, their philosophy is one of collaboration and investments in local solution, avoiding a growth of their own footprint in Galapagos itself. They work with key conservancy organizations in Galapagos and the government of Ecuador, which have the authority and capability to “work in both conservation and development of a sustainable society.” Some of the projects they are currently involved in are:

  • Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative
  • Increasing the Galapagos Penguin Population
  • Monitoring Marine Invasives
  • Land Bird Conservation Program
  • Controlling Parasitic Flies

Their mission:

The mission of Galapagos Conservancy is to advance and support the conservation of the unique biodiversity and ecosystems of Galapagos through directed research, conservation management, informed public policy, and building a sustainable society.

About this week’s painting

This week’s painting is a scene from Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale. Holiday Park is one of many beautiful outdoor park locations in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

If you want this painting, donate to the Galapagos Conservancy and be the first to contact me with proof of the donation. You can e-mail me or message me via Facebook.

Get more details on Project Blue Marble.

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