Cutting to the chase — the fate of car sharing

Robin Chase on the internet’s raison d’être, sharing.

Who: Robin Chase, Co-Founder and former CEO of Zipcar.

What’s the story?

Robin was one of the first entrepreneurs to notice the economic and environmental benefits of using the internet to share specific resources among people. She recorded her learnings from co-founding Zipcar, Buzzcar and Veniam, and her observations on this new economic model, in her book Peers Inc.

She notes the three miracles of the Peers Inc model are:

  1. Because you are leveraging excess capacity, you can scale exponentially.

2. Because you build on a platform, you can learn and improve exponentially.

3. Because you rely on a diversity of peers, the right person will appear.

What’s the big challenge ahead?

Time is not onour side. These new business models will scale exponentially and transform the word’s infrastructure, but we must get it right. Robin quotes her friend Christiana Figueres in saying,

“The infrastructure we build in the next four years will determine the fate of humanity”