But is it a service?


After class this week Molly noticed that our Girl Scout badge service isn’t exactly a service yet and we’ll have to think of a new way to frame it. Is it possible to expand this beyond Girl Scouts? The frame work of providing activities to help children learn a set of skills can be turned into a service by creating opportunities for groups other than Girl Scouts. “This is how Girl Scouts does it…we will help you implement these for your group/school/program.” Our service provides coaches, teachers, or community leaders with an opportunity for girls from ages 8–10 to learn about body awareness, healthy lifestyle management, and decision ownership through fun activities. If a girl has asthma, then through these activities she will learn how to spot her triggers and manage her own treatment. All girls will learn how to listen to their bodies and determine how to make healthy life choices that will help prepare her for entering middle school and starting puberty.

Revised Concept

  • Supergirl Academy (Build a story/Choose your own adventure)
  • Find your super hero role model
    Each ‘hero’ archetype will appeal to different girls, allowing each girl to find a path that interests them the most. This will allow girls to understand how their own interests and skills can be used to lead their healthy lifestyle, and how collectively they can combine their skills to improve their environment and community.
  • Every single step has a learning objective before and after. Each activity will begin with a quick work sheet, quiz, or something of the sort to allow girls to reflect on what they currently know what to do in a situations (ie: what do you do if someone is having an asthma attack?), then participate in an activity that will equip the girls with the appropriate tools to handle the situation, then end with an other activity sheet or reflection tool that will allow them to write down what they’ve learned.
  1. Pre-activities quiz: take a quiz to get a character
    Goals: acquire data, get kids started in the program
    They get a “suggested result,” but they can pick another character
    Sub characters: Nature (plants, stuff), Sports, maybe art?
  2. Onboarding Exercise/Introduction
    Learning objective: what are your heroes? Sports/being outside is good for you or what do you like to take care of? How do you take care of animals and plants?
    Make a collage of athletes/sports you like or plants/animals/environments you like
    Find dirty places around the house, notice asthma triggers in the environment: take pictures or put stickers on them, what makes them dirty?
  3. Social and Physical Environment (awareness of environment)
    Temporary tattoos of triggers that be given out
    Learn about hypoallergenic animals (ex: poodles)
    Going on a hike, noticing things around you/your breathing
    Go to a museum and learn about the body
  4. Physiology (physically active)
    Group activity: some kids have pinnies (or maybe no one knows who the selected children are?)and have some kind of limitation due to pollen or allergies and those people have to sit down
    Group activity: tag where sections are divided by asthma trigger, you have to avoid the section of your trigger
  5. Behavior (be positive, better habits, self maintenance)
    Go out into the community and do service that pertains to this
    How did you change your habit from Activity 2c?

Earn something at the end (ex: badge, ribbon, medal)

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