Your data, safe and decentralized — Introducing Sapphire with ANS

The new era of ECC

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. Say goodbye to complicated. This is how it’s supposed to be. This is how we bring blockchain to the masses.

It all started with a vision, our ‘WHY’, and an extremely committed group of people sacrificing their own time and resources, to make a real difference…

In case you are new to ECC, please allow us to inspire you:

Welcome to SAPPHIRE with ANS.

Simple and sleek.

Driven by our ‘WHY’ we insisted on creating the most elegant wallet in crypto, with a special focus on the user’s experience whilst being private and safe. Infused with ANS (Address Name Service — a feature that allows using short custom usernames instead of long wallet addresses), Sapphire will allow us to fulfill our vision of bringing blockchain services to the masses, and act as the hub for our future services of messaging, file storage, and more.

The product of cooperation and determination, Sapphire is the manifestation of our original vision and steadfast commitment. This is our proudest moment so far and we dedicate it to our beloved community… will you join us on our journey?



This is Sapphire’s landing page. Your dashboard. View your balance, earnings, and expenses all in one spot.


We’ll keep this one short and sweet for you: We believe we have created crypto’s most user friendly wallet to date. We are striving for perfection though, and we would love to hear your feedback.

Sending coins.

Sapphire let’s you store commonly used addresses as Contacts. When you want to send coins, you can either select a contact or manually enter an address, then click Send and be done.

Messaging preview.

We figured “why not?” Sapphire has been loaded with some of the features being considered for Secure Messaging, our next planned service after ANS. Feel free to give us your feedback.

Network stats.

Who doesn’t like stats? From here you can see the multiple chains in action, and make sure your node is running at full steam.


This is an overview of the settings page. Tailor Sapphire to your preferences with the click of a button. Also, you can backup your wallet at all times


ANS (as described in the intro) is loaded and ready to go. In our vision it is a key element for making blockchain services accessible and easy to use for everyone. It will be activated on the network on May 5th, 2018, and thereafter we’ll begin integrating it into Sapphire. Don’t worry, we will remind you!