Deploy your Enferno website on Heroku for FREE !

Here is a quick step by step tutorial to help you host your enferno website on heroku platform for free:

  1. Clone the enferno repostiry
git clone && cd enferno

2. Get heroku friendly configuration from the heroku branch

git merge origin/heroku

3. Make sure you have heroku Toolbelt installed, and that you have already logged in (for more details you can visit the heroku getting started guide). create your heroku app (targeting python stack) with the following command:

heroku create --buildpack git://

this will create a remote repository called heroku.

4. Push your app

git push heroku master

this will install enferno framework on heroku platform with all the necessary requirements.

5. Add mongodb and redis

heroku addons:add mongolab
heroku addons:add redistogo:nano

if you prefer to use Redis Cloud, you can replace the second line with:

heroku addons:add rediscloud:25

those commands will activate a free plan of MongoDB and Redis servers for you. the configuration settings are available as environment variables that can be read by Enferno’s settings file.

6. Launch the processes

heroku ps:scale web=1 

optionally, if you are using celery, you can launch the celery process as well:

heroku ps:scale celery=1

That’s it. your website should be up and running ! check it out with the following command

heroku open 
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