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Project Galaxy

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Biggest Project I’ve Ever Done

Every couple years I do something most people call crazy. This might be my craziest idea yet.

Update #1: You can read this entire journal as a free downloadable e-book here:

Update #2: The second launch of BuyMyFuture is open September 20 — October 4, 2016

To avoid constantly writing “secret project launching on September 22” let’s just refer to it as Project Galaxy.

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Thank you Photo Booth app for capturing this moment in time for me.

Usually when my level of excitement for a project holds strong for a few days, I know it’s an idea I need to pursue.

‘Twas time for the brain dump

  • A pre-launch plan (this journal idea,, and a few other things I’ll share below)
  • A list of payment processors to talk to
  • A list of things to be included in the delivery of the project
  • Answering the who/what/how/when/where of the project
  • A list of people I know that might help promote the project
  • Pricing notes and ideas
  • Thoughts on having partners for the project

Writing emails helped me explain my own idea

Picking a name and buying a domain!

Talking to people on the (actual) phone

  • People who had purchased things from me before
  • People who I thought could partner up with me on this project
  • People who I wanted feedback from

That catches you up to Day 1…

Managing project excitement

Setting low and high goals

  1. Setting a low and high goal helps me manage expectations. Of course I want to hit my high goal, but I’ve learned it’s important to set a low goal that still gives a feeling of accomplishment. If you only have one goal and you don’t hit it, a project can easily feel like a failure.
  2. The high goal gives me something to strive for. Do I know if it’s achievable? Nope. Am I going to do everything in my power to try to make it happen? You betcha!
  3. People always ask what my goals are with projects like this. So now I’ll have them at my disposal.
The entrepreneur, in his natural habitat. White earbuds, lack of sleep, and cold coffee.

Why I’m doing this project

  1. I want to help people take more action in their lives and businesses
  2. I want to help people effectively (and uniquely) sell their products or services
  3. I want to help people think more creatively

It’s scary to pare a project down to something very focused, because it can feel limited in its potential.

Customer avatars (ugh)

Vague project is a little vague

This week’s calendar

  • There’s a little bit of the standard “hello, how are you…” chit chat for a few minutes
  • I ask this person if they’re okay keeping the conversation 100% confidential
  • Then I dive into my 3–4 minute pitch about Project Galaxy
  • Then I wait for their reaction (which is extremely awkward if it takes them a minute, haha)
  • Then I let them tell me what parts of the project they don’t understand, need more information on, or that doesn’t jive well with them

Would you be up for a 15 minute call?

My girlfriend Caroline working on the initial branding for Project Galaxy with lots of kale!

Let’s look at some numbers

If these metrics are interesting to you, I’d love a little feedback (just highlight this text, click the “+” icon, and leave a little note for me).

What does the Project Galaxy marketing plan look like?

  1. My existing audience
  2. Influential people I’m connected with
  3. People I want to partner with
  4. This 60-day journal
  5. Podcast interviews
  6. Press and media

My existing audience

Influential people I’m connected with + People I want to partner with

This 60-day journal

Podcast interviews

Press and media

Level of trust represented by circle size

All the little things we don’t see

Why podcast interviews?

How have I reached out to podcasters?

My podcast interview caveat

To give you some numbers

My podcast interview goal

I’ve learned my lesson that people don’t want to just be advertised to. They want value. They want to learn from your experience. They want to hear something new and different.

Are you a podcaster or know one?

And now a little bit of balance…

Look Mom, I installed IKEA furniture with no wounds and made my very own GIF!
A visual definition of seeking balance (with friends!) :)

Project Galaxy Pre-Purchases

  1. I can see if people who were really excited about the idea and said they’d purchase will actually purchase.
  2. I can test the purchasing and onboarding experience of Project Galaxy before it goes live to the public.
  3. I can get feedback from a handle of actual paying customers. A week will give me plenty of time to make any tweaks or adjustments.

One of the most important tools for this project: Trello

Thank you!

(Music by qole)
Where the magic happened for the audio journal.

The beginning of the design process

  • The logo and branding (which you’ll see some of below)
  • The website design
  • The UX design of the purchase and onboarding process
  • The customer dashboard
  • And a handful of odds and ends
Photo cred @margaretannk

The Mood Board

“but what does a photo of a pair of shoes have to do with a website that has nothing to do with shoes?”

See the shoes! Told you!

The Brand Board

Blurry logo is blurry.
Where are my fellow Exploding Kittens fans??


Moral Support

There are times in every project when you want to flip over a table, yell swear words, and call it quits.

Tactical Support



The official Project Galaxy mascot: Plaxico.

Hustle is an overused word

What I’ve learned in life about hustle is that, like success, you have to define what it means to you.

What if this doesn’t work?

What if people hate this project?

What if people hate me because of this project?

What if no one purchases and all this work was for nothing?

What if people don’t get what I’m trying to do and it completely fails?

What if I decided to quit doing this tomorrow, would my reputation be tarnished?

What if I’m spending all this time on something people aren’t interested in and I lose money in the process?

The second audio journal entry!

  • Any guesses at what Project Galaxy is?
  • What concerns you about Project Galaxy (once they knew what it was)?
  • What other things would you like to see in Project Galaxy?
Music by qole

More calls?

“I don’t think is a good idea. Have you really thought about this?”

“Hmmm… Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t do this, but then again, I didn’t think you could sell your last name so what do I know?”

“I’m not too interested in this idea. Do you think it will actually work?”

Get feedback from the right people

And there’s the rub

Thank you Photoshop blur filter…

Achieving balance

What I like to call “Jason trying to fly.” Spoiler alert: I didn’t fly.

Monday Medium Stats

So why keep sharing the weekly stats update?

Do you want to keep seeing Monday Medium Stats?

Building a plan to under promise and over deliver

The whipped creme

The chocolate sauce

The cherry on top

Food for thought: How can you surprise your future or existing customers? What cherry on top can you build into your post-purchase-process?

Yesterday I didn’t accomplish anything on my to-do list

So what happened?

I called the day a wash, right? Gave up?

Don’t let the train fall completely off the tracks

As long as you don’t give up, there’s always progress to be made.

A visual depiction of yesterday.

At what point do you just go with your gut?



This was a 60-day journal leading up to the next crazy project by Jason Zook. The project is now live:

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