9/22 Update: This project is now live at BuyMyFuture.com

A Conversation With The First Person To Know About Project Galaxy

There’s something really interesting about being able to share the reactions of other people. Today, I’m sharing a short conversation I had with my good friend (and roommate) Clay Hebert.

If you haven’t read every Project Galaxy journal entry up until this point (say whaaa??), then you may have missed that Clay was the very first human to know about Project Galaxy. The real idea. The one behind the silly codename. Oh, and I say ‘human’ because I did share the idea with my dog Plaxico, but he was way more interested in his breakfast and a trip outside.

Anyhoo, I’ll let the audio journal entry do the rest of the talking… Enjoy!

Music by Jack Steadman

An expenses update…

I did want to share that I’m officially adding another expense to this project. One that could add up quickly, but could also help bring in a bunch of revenue: Facebook Retargeting.

I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about online advertising. Seriously. I mean, I know how to create a Facebook Ad, but other the creation process, I might as well be trying to build a teleportation device.

So I’ve enlisted the help of a professional. Someone I’ll introduce you to formally as we get closer to the launch date. But I at least wanted to mention that Facebook Retargeting is getting added to the marketing mix and could have a big impact on revenue (and expenses). More on that topic in a few weeks.

I hope you are enjoying this journal. As always, feel free to share any of these entries with your friends or recommend them on Medium.

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