9/22 Update: This project is now live at BuyMyFuture.com

All The Emojis

The first title for this journal entry was “All The Emotions.” But then as I started writing it I decided to share my emotions via emojis, because… emojis. So here we go!

😬 I am nervous.

This journal itself has been a huge commitment for the past two months. Let alone the time spent actually turning Project Galaxy from an idea into a living-breathing project (no, I didn’t create the first teleporting ostrich). The thing I’m most nervous about is that I’m selling something that hasn’t really been sold before. Will people get it? Will they value it for the $1,000 price tag I’m asking?

😆 I am excited.

For the past 60+ straight days I’ve done nothing but think about this project. Its consumed my life and I’ve tried to enjoy every minute of the journey. I can’t wait to finally announce the real project name and release it out into the world. Oh, and I’m also excited because the video is almost done! Here are some cool still frames:

👀 I am worried.

What did I forget? I forgot something didn’t I? What am I missing? Are all the things on the website done? What happens on launch day if the site goes down? Or if people can’t buy? Or if alien beavers rain down from the sky and steal my thunder??

😼 I am proud.

For the past 60 days I’ve put in a ton of work. I’ve consistently written this daily journal. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on a project that’s never been done before. And I did all of it, not for the likes, favorites, or virtual high-fives, I did it because I wanted to do this project more than any part of it scared me.

😊 I am thankful.

Both for the opportunity to be able to work on a project like this (and have people who have already purchased), but also for all of you who have read these journal entries and given me positive encouragement along the way. Knowing that I wasn’t alone in this journey was extremely helpful.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Aside from being an emotional basket case all day yesterday, I tied up a ton of loose ends.

  • The last remaining partners got their URLs set up
  • I did a test transaction to make sure the Facebook Conversion Pixel was working correctly (for FB Retargeting Ads)
  • We updated the thank you email to include social sharing links and the Slack community signup
  • I went through the Trello board I had going for this project and double checked all my to-dos (luckily didn’t find any surprises!)
  • I did the last two podcast interviews before launch
  • Created a Google Spreadsheet to track customers
  • Signed up for an Intercom account to be able to offer live support on the Project Galaxy website if people have questions (thanks for the great suggestion Jacqueline!)
  • Wrote some bullet points for articles that I need to write this weekend
  • I downloaded the Gumroad iOS app and bookmarked the Project Galaxy GoSquared dashboard as a home screen icon (I’ll be checking these two things quite a bit next week)
  • And finally, saw the second Maze Runner movie because my brain felt like mush and I needed a break!

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the finish line. Crazy.

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Day 60 >>

This entry is part of a 60-day journal I’m writing that will share all my planning, strategies, pre-launch efforts, and marketing tactics leading up to a big crazy project codenamed Project Galaxy. Start reading here.