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An Awesome Day In Beautiful British Columbia

A few days ago I arrived at Victoria Airport in British Columbia. The trip was originally just to visit my friend Paul Jarvis, but as I talked about in a previous entry, it turned into an opportunity to film the Project Galaxy video. Yesterday was the day of filming with Kalyan Studios.

Best airport pickup sign ever! But what’s with the infinity symbol?

The day started like pretty much every other day of my life: Good coffee, morning sunshine, my laptop, and a Canadian tattoo-covered vegan. Oh wait, the last part was a new edition.

After morning coffee, I spent time reviewing the loose video notes from the video production crew. There wasn’t a specific script because I told them I didn’t want to feel like I was saying lines in the Project Galaxy video.

My goal with the Project Galaxy video is to create something worth sharing, not just have a video that pitches a product.

The guys arrived and the setup process began…

Every video shoot requires taco socks.

This setup was our first “location” of the day and would also be where we recorded all my audio for the video. Some fancy people might call this voiceover work. I call it playing with the fuzzy microphone time.

Once I stopped acting like a 4-year old, we started doing some actual recording. All-in, we spent about two hours doing voiceover and talking head stuff. There were many times throughout the recording when I couldn’t think of anything to say, couldn’t articulate my thoughts, or just tripped over my words. Fortunately the crew I was working with was fantastic at pulling me back in and asking great questions.

Photo by Dean Kalyan, t-shirt by Project Galaxy

I’d be lying if I said those two hours of work were easy. They weren’t. They were fun… but not easy. It was difficult to ensure I was clearly explaining the project, but again, thinking about creating a video that would tell a good story and be something people would actually want to watch.

Once we finished up, I enjoyed a few moments of reflection and laughter with the crew. I made a solid effort to embrace this part of the climb.

Moment captured by @pjrvs

From there we packed up and moved on to our next location. All of the talking parts were done, so we moved on to picturesque backdrops of British Columbia. The next few hours of “work” did not suck!

Photo cred to @pjrvs

For multiple hours I climbed on things. Climbed off things. Walked. Looked off in the distance. Pulled things out of my backpack. Pretended to read things on my phone. Looked off into the distance some more.

In one single park we were able to get shots on a beach, in a field, on hiking trails, on rocks, and a whole bunch more.

This photo was not edited in any way. @pjrvs is a wizard with the camera.

One of the shots the guys filmed was me sitting on the log you see above, snapping a few photos with my iPhone (normal entrepreneur work stuff). Here’s a little bit of video I grabbed while sitting there that shows how amazingly wondrous the view was:

Beecher Bay, BC

It was a bummer to wrap things up at that location. Every angle of it looked like a perfectly framed Instagram photo. You know, kind of like this…

Once the guys forced me to leave, we headed to downtown Victoria to get some more urban shots. The folks at Habit Coffee were nice enough to let us shoot video in their beautiful coffee shop.

Cue the working on a laptop photo!

The coffee didn’t last long, it was too good.

After they got all the entrepreneur working in his normal habitat footage, we moved outside to do some walking shots. I don’t have any photos to share, but it was fun seeing the looks on people’s faces as we filmed b-roll walking around the streets. A random passerby stopped his phone conversation to let the person on the other end of the phone know “there are some people video-taping downtown.” Who still uses video tapes!?? Hah.

We grabbed a few last shots just as the sun was about to set and called it a wrap. An eight hour day of filming, talking, climbing, laughing, walking, and video-taping were in the books!

Huge thanks!

Thanks Dean and Zia from Kalyan Studios! You guys were amazing to work with. I know we don’t even have a finished video yet, but the process was unbelievably painless and really enjoyable.

Thank you Paul for all the amazing photos, constructive thoughts, shooting location, and of course, the laughs.

I know it can’t hear me, but thank you British Columbia for having so much beauty to offer! Just a breath-takingly epic day.

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