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Sep 22, 2015 · 4 min read



For those of you that have been reading the Project Galaxy journal entries, the cat is officially out of its futuristic bag: I am selling my future.

But this Medium story is meant to continue the journal entries, in a slightly different format.

After waffling back and forth, enough of you said you’d be interested in a daily podcast during the BuyMyFuture launch (September 22 — October 6). So this is where you can check back daily and listen to my daily audio journal updates!

What will the daily audio journal updates include?

  • A recap of the day. The good. The bad. Anything ostrich-related.
  • Things people are saying about BuyMyFuture.
  • Other stuff I can’t predict right now?
  • And a daily update on how many people have purchased! (Weeee!)

There are 3 ways to listen to the BuyMyFuture daily audio journal entries:

  1. Subscribe to the BuyMyFuture podcast on iTunes (rate + review too!)
  2. Follow BuyMyFuture on Soundcloud (where you can download entries)
  3. Come back to this Medium story from September 22 — October 6

And without further ado, here are the daily audio entries. These are in chronological order and will start from the beginning…

Get caught up

An audio entry to catch you up on how BuyMyFuture came about.

Who is Jason Zook?

For folks who may not be familiar with who I am or the previous projects I’ve put out into the world.

What is BuyMyFuture?

It’s one thing to read the BuyMyFuture website, but I believe it’s an entirely other thing to hear my tone, emotion, and excitement for this project.

Day 1: Launch day

One the most exciting days of any project, especially one that you’ve been building up for months. I break down the first day’s stats, what people were saying about BuyMyFuture and… how many people bought!

Day 2: The launch hangover

It’s hard not to compare the second day to the first day. The first day is always the biggest day. What happened on Day 2 and did more people buy my future? Have a listen…

Day 3: A spike in sales

Remember those partners I talked about? One came through and in a big way today. That and more in Day 3.

Day 4: A buyer from Hong Kong

It’s fun to see people from around the world buying my future. Also, learn about two tools that are making BuyMyFuture run smoothly.

Day 5: Something special

I thought the first Saturday would be slow, but the sales numbers continued to increase. I also reminded myself why I’m selling my future and how I’m selling it. Plus… something special.

Day 6: An interesting opportunity

Someone bought my future today, but then proposed something I didn’t see coming. I shared what that felt like and also why I turned two people away from buying my future.

Day 7: Mid launch bonus?

After purchasing my future, a friend suggested I do a mid-launch bonus. Hmmm, I hadn’t thought about that… Let’s do it!

Day 8: The biggest day of sales yet

Spoiler alert, the mid-launch bonus email worked. And dammit, I’m proud of it working because it was nearly an extra $1,000 in value!

Day 9: The best part of waking up

No, it’s not Folgers in your cup. For me, it’s something better than coffee and better than a bunch of sales. Also, we made our way to South Dakota.

Day 10: TEDx

Given the opportunity (and if this was your project), would you use the stage of a TEDx event to talk about BuyMyFuture?

Day 11: The Martian

No, I didn’t pre-order a condo on Mars with all the BuyMyFuture money. But I did take a break to see the movie based on the awesome book. I also shared my plans for the last few days of the launch.

Day 12: Leaving $30,000 on the table

Why have I told people not to buy my future? Why would I possibly let $30,000 slip away? Find out…

Day 13: WE HIT 100!

That’s right folks. 100 total sales of BuyMyFuture happened today. Here are all the emotions that went along with hitting that milestone :)

Day 14: The second to last day

This was the highest day of sales so far. A successful partner webinar had me fist-pumping for joy. Just one more day left!

Day 15: The end?

The launch of BuyMyFuture officially ended! What happened? How many total people bought? Who did I need to thank? Listen in…

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Project Galaxy

This was a 60-day journal leading up to the next crazy project by Jason Zook. The project is now live:

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Project Galaxy

This was a 60-day journal leading up to the next crazy project by Jason Zook. The project is now live: