9/22 Update: This project is now live at BuyMyFuture.com

So Many Website To-Dos

Man oh man, are there a ton of moving parts to this project. As I mentioned before, I’m outsourcing the development of the Project Galaxy website. I was fortunate to be introduced to a very talented woman who has been kicking some serious ass. Today I want to give you a glimpse at her to-do list, which is only from this weekend:

  • Finish alternate home page for A/B Testing
  • Setup Optimizely for A/B Testing
  • Update Gumroad products
  • Add sexy Gumroad product images and PDF
  • Test Gumroad purchase flow
  • Test Wordpress welcome email
  • Convert ugly Wordpress welcome email to the Project Galaxy email template created in Mailchimp
  • Add tracking codes/pixels for GoSquared, Google Analytics, and Facebook
  • Finish Project Galaxy Thank You page
  • Finish Project Galaxy Dashboard
  • Add Project Galaxy favicon
  • Test everything in Internet Explorer (ew)
  • Make FAQ and Terms & Conditions content editable
  • Create editable “HelloBar” style bar for partner URLs
  • Finish partner URL reporting
  • Fix little CSS issues

That list was just this weekend.

It’s amazing how many little things show up out of nowhere

When building anything, whether it’s a web app, digital product, simple site, whatever, there are always so many little items that unexpectedly show up. Just when you think you have a stronghold on the to-do items, ding, another one (or 17) pops up.

Over the years I’ve learned to buffer in extra time, especially when it comes to development work. I’ve also learned that it pays huge dividends to work with someone who has experience and takes an incredible amount of pride in their work. I’m sure I could have save thousands of dollars on the Project Galaxy development side of things. But at what cost to the project and my sanity? I’ve tried going the leaner (that’s a better word for cheap) route before and it’s stressful. So far with Project Galaxy, my stress level has remained fairly low — knock on wood!

More small things will show up, they always do.

Going into any project with this mindset is critical. If you don’t, you’ll be blindsided by a list of to-do items you never saw coming. That may not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly turn into a disaster.

I’m armed and ready with two things:

  1. Time. I allowed a nice buffer to test, tweak, test, and tweak again.
  2. Talent. I’m paying talented people to work on this project.

It’s taken many-a-project to learn from my mistakes in not allotting for enough time and for skimping on talent (due to budget). I certainly could have gotten Project Galaxy out into the world by spending less time and less money, but I strongly believe the quality would have been sacrificed. (When you finally know what the project is in 8 days, you’ll understand why it was so important not to sacrifice an ounce of quality.)


I am going to reveal how much Project Galaxy will cost. Exciting!

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