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T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts

Let me say this straight out of the gates: I am not building another company that has anything to do with t-shirts.

I am, however, testing some different t-shirts and designs for Project Galaxy. These are not items that will be sold and are not even items that purchasers of Project Galaxy will get. These t-shirts are being tested for the Project Galaxy video that I shared some information about a few days ago.

What do these shirts have to do with the video?

Great question. One of them will be the star of the show. But, I want to have options depending on what the video production crew thinks will look best as we’re setting up shooting locations (lighting, backdrops, etc).

T-shirts hold an important role for me in every project. Not only are they something I have made with nearly every project I create to help visually tell a story, but they also become a bit of a collectible item for me. And since I’ve adopted a fairly minimal lifestyle, there aren’t many things I actually collect and keep anymore.

An important lesson about t-shirts

Before I end today’s journal entry… because honestly, I don’t have much else to share about Project Galaxy + t-shirts… I wanted to highly recommend an article about getting t-shirts made for your business, company, project, etc.

This lesson started with a tweet from my friend Nathan:

You can click the link in Nathan’s tweet to read the article he wrote, which was very good. But then I received a tweet from my friend Matt after I shared Nathan’s tweet:

I was intrigued by this tweet. It contains an article with one heck of a headline and one I certainly wanted to read more info about. Here’s the link to the full article here on Medium.

Joshua Baer, the author of that article, had some fantastic advice. But the piece that stuck with me the most was this:

“Create a design that people want to wear.”

This is such simple, but powerful advice. Nathan shared a very similar sentiment in his article as well.

If you are getting t-shirts made for your business, please rethink any thoughts you have about just slapping your company logo on them. Those are not shirts that anyone would want to wear, and I know from a crapload of previous experience.

Okay. Rant over. Back to our regularly scheduled Project Galaxy programming in the next entry…

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