9/22 Update: This project is now live at BuyMyFuture.com

Telling A Story Worth Sharing Through Video

This time next week I’ll be traveling to Vancouver Island to shoot the video for Project Galaxy. In today’s journal entry I want to walk you through some of the planning that’s going into the video itself.

Before diving in, I want to share the most important goal I have for this video: I want it to tell a story worth sharing.

I’m not concerned with the video explaining every feature or benefit of Project Galaxy, but more importantly, I want people who watch the video to feel something. To have a memorable visual experience. To feel compelled to share the video.

The Video Budget

I mentioned the video production budget in the expenses journal entry, but I’ll remind you that it’s $2,200. This includes the storyboarding, filming, editing, and post. What that number doesn’t include is wardrobe and travel. Luckily I have a free place to stay in Vancouver Island (thanks Paul!), but I did have to book airfare ($880) and I’m having a handful of t-shirts made ($200) to be worn throughout the video.

$200 for t-shirts? Say what? I’m having six t-shirts printed, which probably makes the price seem even more ridiculous, but the timeline was tight and I wanted a very specific type of shirt that fits me the best. I’m having six t-shirts printed because I’m not sure what’s going to look best in the different shooting locations, so I want to make sure I have options.

Sorry about your faces, bros.

The total cost of the Project Galaxy video is hovering near $3,500 and I’m hopeful it will be money extremely well spent. Because truthfully, I’m not sure the video will have much life after the two week buying window that Project Galaxy will be open.

Finding The Right Partner

I spent what felt like hours watching video reel after video reel, and talking to video production people from around the country. With every person or company I talked to, I simply kept referring them to one single video that I loved. That video is my friend Paul Jarvis’ Creative Class video:

So naturally, after repeating myself over and over again that this was the perfect style of video I wanted, I felt like I needed to stop wasting any more time and go directly to the source. I reached out to Paul and said: “Hey man, I can’t stop watching your Creative Class video, do you think the guys who created it would want to work on the Project Galaxy video?”

Paul wrote back something to the effect of, “Not sure, but I can find out.”

A few minutes later an email appeared in my inbox. Paul had introduced me to the video production company he used for his video. I clicked the reply button and started typing out my response, when another email popped in my inbox…

“Thanks for reaching out Paul, this sounds like a cool project that we’d love to work on! Jason, want to hop on a call tomorrow?”

Boom! The video production company had replied before I could. That was the first sign that this was the right partner for this project. I hopped on the call with them and we chatted for nearly an hour. We talked about Project Galaxy, we talked about my entrepreneurial background, and most importantly I shared my desire to have a video that told a great story. They were 100% on board.

I booked my flight to Vancouver Island, paid the video production deposit, and have been smiling every since.

Establishing the Look and Feel of the Project Galaxy Video

I’ll remind you of the brand board and mood board for Project Galaxy. These two visual style guides will be instrumental in establishing the aesthetic for the video.

I can’t share much, because we haven’t filmed anything yet, but I will share some stills from other work from this production company:

As you can see, they capture (and create) some beautiful cinematography. I’m excited to trudge through the rainforests and beaches of the northwest, while talking about Project Galaxy. You have my word that I’ll share a bunch of behind the scenes photos from the video shoot next week.

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