9/22 Update: This project is now live at BuyMyFuture.com

The Price is Right

I have no idea how this journal entry will be received. But, I think it’s an interesting thing to do and therefore, here we are.

I am completely aware that sharing the price of something without context is a very odd thing to do. The price could seem high. The price could seem low. The price probably makes no sense whatsoever.

Being 100% honest with you, I’m sharing the price because I think it will create some unique buzz. As of writing this entry we are only one week away from launch (Sept 22). What else could help build additional anticipation if not the price?





Project Galaxy will cost $1,000 and will have two options for buying. The payment plan option actually came from feedback from my initial customer calls. I was only going to do one simple option, but it was clear that some flexibility was necessary (I also realized I don’t spend $1,000 in one chunk on nearly anything).

Question: Would you want to listen to a daily 10–15 minute podcast during Project Galaxy’s launch window?

I’m going to stop writing these journal entries on September 22, but I know that many of you enjoy the daily content. I also know that I need a break from writing these entries, and a short 10–15 minute daily audio podcast update could be fun and interesting.

In the daily podcast I’d share details about how the Project Galaxy launch is going, what people are saying, what’s happening behind the scenes, AND potentially a daily financial report.

Leave me some feedback…

Here are 3 ways you can let me know if you’d be interested in listening to a daily podcast during Sept 22 — Oct 6:

  1. Click the response button below and leave a response right here on Medium. Feel free to include what you’d like to hear me talk about.
  2. Highlight this text and leave a note (similar to #1).
  3. Send me a tweet and let me know you’d listen to a daily Project Galaxy podcast.

Tomorrow’s journal entry should be interesting. I’m going to be allowing a few of the folks I did customer calls with to pre-purchase Project Galaxy. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

Day 55 >>

This entry is part of a 60-day journal I’m writing that will share all my planning, strategies, pre-launch efforts, and marketing tactics leading up to a big crazy project codenamed Project Galaxy. Start reading here.