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Project: God-Like

Project God-Like: Prologue

In Columbus, Ohio is where we find our protagonist Alex Zorin who is in for a rude awakening. The year is 2036, the economy worldwide has crashed resulting in the majority of people living in small apartments, often needing a roommate to afford it. Most people live in cities as it is too expensive to live elsewhere. The climate is polarized by being scorching hot in the summers, while dangerously cold in the winter.

The videogame industry rules the digital world where almost everyone spends their time. Endless content that is either free or sold at a subsidized price, making it the most affordable hobby, and an easy choice for anyone to have fun or compete in online games on a normal flat screen, or within Virtual Reality. The virtual world now acts as a hub word for humans to interact with one another, play games, party, compete in sports and games, but most importantly, to escape reality.

Many companies hold monopolies over various industries throughout the world such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and the biggest mega-corporation; a company called NexusTech Corporation. They’re a world-leading technology research and development company in Virtual Reality. They develop hardware that fully immerses the user in the digital world, and they make games and other software designed to take full advantage of this new technology. NexusTech is run and owned by a man who wishes he was a god, no matter the cost.

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