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Project: God-Like

Welcome to Project God-Like

This first post is not a chapter of the book, I just thought I’d set the stage and let you know why someone would pour hundreds of hours into releasing a book for free here on Medium. (Though donations are an option : ) I will also give a brief summary of the book to come at the end of this post.

I’ve grown up in the era of the Internet, a wonderful wild west that I all but live within. Video games and online gaming communities have been my whole world ever since I was a toddler. Growing up playing 8bit games only to grow with the medium. I am now in the digital frontier of VR, a technology that will likely consume the future. It will act as the ultimate bandaid solution for human interaction, productivity, and more. However, it will all be in vain because it will ultimately be a prison that we willingly put on ourselves, pulling us further from pure human to human interaction. Sadly, any and all freedom will be an illusion. I predict in a little over a decade, large corporations will hold all the power over us, we will own little to nothing and live our lives in the virtual world more than we already do.

But that topic’s a bit of a downer. On the bright side of things, we get to experience endless free content online and meet others with similar passions that we would not otherwise meet. All thanks to technology. I’ve enjoyed this free content my whole life and I thought I’d post this for free. You can also watch me work on this behind the scenes, meet my friends while we play games, ask us endless questions and check out more of our content such as our podcast, our discord, boardgame in development, and more, all links are at the end of this post. Anyway, long story short I think it's the least I can do, to put this online for free. If it gains traction, I do plan on creating more content around this book, stay tuned.

Also in case, anyone is wondering, no this is not inspired by Ready Player One. It is, however, inspired by my life, the real world, Bo Burnham’s Inside, and embarrassingly enough, Sword Art Online (That Anime has serious issues but I love the premise).

Novel Summary:

In the near future, people of all ages are addicted to the digital world via the latest VR tech, with their real lives being in shambles. But the CEO of the world’s biggest tech company takes things too far when he attempts to be a god in the digital world. Getting their lives together our 24-year-old protagonist who is held prisoner to his cravings and short-lived desires is given the choice to sink or swim. Meeting new friends, and eventually finding love through a hellish digital warscape. Follow Alex on a journey of discipline, courage, and strength to stop being self-destructive, and instead stand up against evil.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re looking forward to the book. Below is more content I create & a place to support me. Cheers!


Alexander Jawfox

(Custom Art Work for The Novel is coming soon)



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