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3 min readJun 30, 2023

Greetings Keresians!

It has been quite some time since our last update, and we are excited to share some of the recent progress we have made. Without further ado, let us delve into a few of the extensive updates of the Keresverse that have been underway.

After months of meticulous planning and development, we are thrilled to present our latest addition to the Map Pool: The Thuluxion. Suspended within the atmospheric realm of Venus, the Thuluxion stands as one of numerous colossal War Master class cruisers, repurposed to facilitate the ritualistic energy harvest undertaken by the Keresian overlords in their ambitious conquest of our solar system.

The Thuluxion has been intricately designed to serve as the battlefield for our innovative battle mode, “Plant the Wexu.” This mode entails the division of players into two distinct teams of five: the Keresians and the Resistance. Their primary objective is to either Plant the Wexu, Defuse the Wexu, or eliminate the opposing team before the timer expires.

The Wexu represents an energy device powered by a unique strain of Wextrizig. When activated, it emits a substantial amount of radiation, effectively sterilizing its immediate surroundings and decimating anything within its blast radius.

Within the expansive confines of the Thuluxion, players will encounter three distinct Wexu Sites. The Keresian team’s ultimate goal is to successfully plant the Wexu at one of these sites, thereby securing victory. Conversely, resistance fighters must adopt a strategic approach, diligently guarding each site to prevent the Keresians from planting the Wexu and wreaking havoc with its radiation.

Success in this battle mode relies on skilled gunplay and tactical strategies, demanding both offensive and defensive maneuvers. With a single life per round, players must exhibit quick thinking and swift action if they are to survive and emerge victorious.

Now, let us delve further into the mechanics of this captivating battle mode.

Before each round starts each team has 30 seconds of time to strategize with their team and purchase the necessary weapons and armor to attack the opposing team.

The Keresian team will commence the match with an explosive device known as the Wexu. Their objective is to deliver and activate the Wexu at one of the three designated locations within the Thuluxion. If the Keresian team successfully safeguards the activated Wexu for a duration of 45 seconds, it will detonate, engulfing the surrounding area in radiation and earning them a point.

On the other hand, if the defending team manages to defuse the Wexu or the two-minute round timer expires without the attacking team deploying the Wexu, the Resistance team will be awarded a point.

Furthermore, if all members of a team are eliminated prior to the successful planting of the Wexu, or if all members of the Resistance team are eliminated subsequent to the deployment of the Wexu, the Keresian team will secure a point.

A match is played as a best of 25 rounds, and the first team to accumulate 13 rounds will emerge victorious. In the event that both teams achieve 12 round wins, sudden death will ensue. During sudden death, the team that emerges triumphant in the final round will claim victory in the match.

We hope this breakdown provides you with a good introduction of the intricacies involved in this captivating battle mode that is set to be released together with much more in the Keresverse Beta 1.1 so stay tuned.

Keresverse Beta 1.1 Thuluxion

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