Here we are. Yet another startup in the crowded Fintech capital of Europe.

In the 150 years prior to 2010, the number of banking licenses the Bank of England awarded to new companies was precisely, zero. In the few years since, there’s been 27 new banking licenses, dozens of e-money licenses and hundreds of apps designed to help you manage one aspect or another of your finances. So what on earth makes us think it’s worth launching yet another new offering?

We’re a second generation challenger bank that aims to put the ‘Fin’ back in ‘Fintech’.

Current players in the Fintech market have greatly enhanced people’s digital experience. We however, want to go beyond this and enhance the financial experience.

We’re looking beyond the traditional financial structures and revenue lines to build a bank that does better by its customers. The status quo needs to be challenged. Is it right that a bank profits when a customer struggles? Is it right that a bank shares so little of the money it makes from people’s deposits? Is it right that high returns are out of reach for most? Shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity for a better financial future?

We’re unafraid of asking the big questions as we believe a bank should do everything it possibly can to help its customers understand, grow and feel secure in their money.

And it’s not just banking we’re questioning, we’re challenging tradition with our recruitment. We’re certainly not your usual fintech team. We’re all vastly different in background and experience and each bring a unique perspective on the issue. We have a financial expert who’s also a psychotherapist, decoding how money impacts emotions. There’s an urban planner using city data to understand different spending behaviour. And an advertising professional who is creating unique saving nudges. However, within all that difference, there’s a few things in common — an itch to challenge the status quo, a desire to demand better, the gall to tackle to topic so affecting on our everyday lives. By uniting different thinkers and asking the right questions we will create a banking service that is free from the moulds of the past.