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Detailed, documentary-style DIY videos and blogs that demystify DIY.
Note from the editor

I once asked a wise maker whether I should tackle a specific project. “Do you think you’ll have fun with it?” he asked back. I said, “Yes.” He replied: “Then yes.” I think that’s the foundation of what you’ll find here: Projects built by myself and curated from others across the Internet that are either fun or fun to watch. Fun for me involves woodworking, small engines, repurposing, video production, and home renovation. But anything with problem solving is a candidate. Experimentation is inevitable with these first-time projects, hence the science-natured name of the site. You can find my work here, on my YouTube channel, or on Lee Enterprises news websites, including Madison.com.

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Andrew Reuter
DIYer, Project Lab. Web-editor-type, Lee Enterprises. Dad/husband. @djnf, @theexponentnews, @uwplatteville alum. Seeking best obtainable version of the truth.