Here’s what the inside of a running table saw looks like

Lots of dust and danger within.

Take a peak inside a running table saw, without actually sticking your head in there, with this virtual reality video.

This flick can be watched just like any other video, with the exception that you can look around 360 degrees while you watch. On a computer, move the screen by clicking and dragging your mouse or pressing the “WSAD” keys. On a phone or tablet, drag your finger on the screen or physically tilt the phone to where you want to point the camera.

In this video, you’ll see:

— The working guts of my decades-old Craftsman table saw, including blade height and angle adjustment. Modern, direct-drive saws’ mechanisms may differ, but it’s still fun to see how this “antique” model works.
 — Cuts being made both with and without dust collection. Watch for the suction to pull a cutoff slice of 2x4 down through the throat plate and into the hose at the bottom during the dust collection segment.
 — What happens when your outfeed table gets jammed up. At one point, I overlooked the fact that a board I had previously cut was going to block my next board from passing all the way through the blade. But I kept pressure on the board and shut off the saw before anything bad could happen. It would have been much harder to keep my cool if I had been using my hands instead of push sticks here.

The 360 video was shot with an LGR105. The 2D video was shot with a Canon 70D with audio from a Rode Videomic Pro. The table saw is a Craftsman 113.298720 . The dust collection is from a 2HP Harbor Freight model.

Thanks for watching!

Wisconsinite Andy Reuter writes and shoots video about whatever DIY project is holding his attention at the time. For more, follow him on Instagram; find him on Twitter or Facebook; or subscribe to his channel on YouTube.