A binder clip holds sandpaper in place during the gluing process. (The Small Workshop/YouTube)

Project Lab: Make your own DIY sanding sleeves

Previously, I wrote about an easy way to turn your drill press into a makeshift spindle sander.

This week, we consider a cheaper way to do that: By making your own sanding drums.

In the above video, YouTuber The Small Workshop cuts sandpaper into strips, coats the strips in glue and wraps them around wooden dowels. Then he cuts the dowels up into drum size pieces, cuts up some screws and screws them into the dowels.

Voila. A pile of sanding drums.

I can’t vouch for the quality of these drums. Maybe they will wear faster than regular drums, for example. But it’s hard not to see the cost savings here, with a six-pack of sanding sleeves running about $12.

Seems like it’s worth a try, in any case.

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This archive post was originally published at www.gazettextra.com on December 28, 2015.