This robust outfeed extension is a quick, cheap way to add safety and usability to your table saw.

Super simple table saw outfeed extension

In my dream shop, my table saw butts up against a proper outfeed table, one big enough to support the largest boards as I rip them to size.

But for now, I’m happy with this simple outfeed extension. The plywood base is robust enough to support most applications. Homemade knobs stay out of the way while securing the extension to the saw. And best of all, the design is cheap, easy and fast, reducing the time spent producing shop furniture.

See the full build in the video above. Here’s a few notes:

— I used 1/2" plywood, but 3/4" likely would work better. I just didn’t have any available.
 — My table saw has a convenient piece of angle iron to clamp to on the back. Your saw might vary.

— Cutting the slot in the bottom brace piece created quite a bit of smoke. Though this is a safe practice, my blade is fairly dull, creating lots of friction in a cavity that traps sawdust. If I did this again, I’d recommend slicing from the left edge toward the middle of the board, instead.

— My DIY knobs use a common design combining plywood, epoxy and 1/4–20 bolts. My version saves wood but makes them harder to tighten. Arthritis sufferers probably should stick to the larger star-knob style for more grip.

Thanks for watching!