PMI CMAG mid-year meeting

While I’m writing this, the ferry that takes me from Split to the Hvar island rocks from one side to the other much more than I’ve ever experienced. But I am writing about something completely different — my last week’s trip to New York.

I was there to participate in the mid-year meeting of PMI Chapter Member Advisory Group (CMAG). Two full days of lively discussions about different projects that CMAG is driving or is involved with.

Members of CMAG and PMI staff after the meeting, from left to right: Kristin Hodgson, Toby May, Michael Flint, Patricia Garrett, Brantlee Underhill, Tejas Sura, Nathan Price, Dino Butorac, Beth Ouellette, Olivier Lazar, Mauro Sotille

The most comprehensive topic on the agenda was a catalog of chapters’ core and extended services, which was designed in its current format about 8 years ago. It is impossible to compress several hours of discussions to a sentence or two, and these discussions will be continuing on through our correspondence and virtual meetings anyway, so I’ll just say that we are evaluating the current model in order to advise PMI on any changes that we would recommend.

Other projects on our agenda were: best practices sharing approach for chapters, chapter finance guidelines, chapter nominations and elections guide, annual planning process for chapters, chapter technology support, chapter leader orientation, and more.

Some of these projects will be completed still in 2016, while some will continue at least in 2017, so you should be hearing more about them in the following months.

I enjoyed the whole meeting experience very much, thanks to an amazing team of volunteers and staff members. We worked in a very productive and creative environment, where different views and opinions could be heard and discussed freely and openly, but quite focused on moving the projects forward.

A friend recently told me that I must be crazy to travel to New York just for a two-day volunteering meeting, and consequently suffer a six-hour jet-lag twice in less than a week. Well, I agreed. And I’d do it again with no hesitation at all. :-)

Dino Butorac, PMP