2021 Updates to Project Nebula

4 new features for all players will be released by the year’s end. Check back here every Friday for exciting information on each.

Project Nebula
Nov 5, 2021 · 7 min read

Players of Project Nebula will have so many exciting updates to their gameplay before the end-of-year. Embark on exciting and rewarding missions, craft starmaps into valuable NFTs, dive into an accelerated marketplace with IRC-31 multi-tokens and trade blueprints, consumables and crafting items, and do it all in a shiny new Terran fleet ship (permanent Terran-Integrated Hyperscan included).

Terran Ship Sale

The GEN-1 Ship Mint Details

The November 30 Sale Details

The sale will run until December 2 at 12:00 EET, or until all ships are sold.

All ships sales will come with a New Player Welcome Package, including:

1x Terran Colonial Union Badge — a mysterious NFT?
1x Blueprint (random) — a valuable NFT that can be used for Crafting
1x Bonus Funding — adds a boost of credits to your inventory
1x Bonus Supplies — adds a boost of industry points to your inventory
1x Catalytic Chip — instantly accelerates your active research
1x Portable Hyperscan — explores surrounding hexes from your ship
1x Regenerative Nanopaste — instantly adds fuel to your tank

Every TCU ship is fully-equipped with its own rechargeable Terran Integrated Hyperscan, allowing it to instantly explore the hexes surrounding your Terran ship every 5 days.

Read the full story, discover the ship details, and so much more awesome information about the Terran Faction in our full story here.


Hey you! 100 Credits and corporate-paid fuel if you can pick up the ‘it’s just a few shards’ this guy left behind! I swear you can’t find good help these days.

The story of the New Galaxy continues in unparalleled proportions! Every explorer with a ship will have the opportunity to seek glory, fame, and the occasionally shady deal with a brand-new lineup of missions.

Your Mission Log

All players will have a new screen in Project Nebula, whereby all active missions and possible future missions (based on your ship’s location) will be available for viewing and accepting.

Discover lost survivors in the most desolate reaches of space, recover valuable information from satellites, acquire questionable goods for an even more questionable dealer and haul them across the galaxy.

This ever-expanding line-up of missions is starting off with a BANG! and the rewards range from mysterious to pilot-able.

General Missions

Adventure map objects, such as spacedocks, voidsweepers, and asteroids, will take on an entirely new set of functionality. Your interactions throughout the New Galaxy may give you numerous opportunities to gain valuable rewards, from NFT consumables all the way to a new ship!

Many missions will be begin with a single location, and you’ll be able to progress through varied storylines. But hurry! Some of these requests come with a time limit.

The Terran Faction Mission Series

It’s odd that the Terrans are reaching out for hired help. Something major must be happening. The territorial divide between three factions — Martians, Terrans and the Merchant Lords (as they’re commonly known) — grows throughout Euler’s Hope, Pandemonium and Planum Novae.

Rumours have spread throughout the New Galaxy of the Terran’s growing might and their offerings of substantial payment to those coming to aid them. We’ve seen their ships parcelled throughout these regions, not always being flown by Terran crewmembers, if it’s any clue as to what they may be offering.

This series will be sure to take explorers on a long and wondrous trek among the stars with many encounters along the way. Best be quick! The Terran faction expects results from their recruits and has been known to pay handsomely.


I’ve been in this sector a long time. Secured two foundries, made a lot of friends (and lost a lot of money drinking) in that Atlas Station on the outer edge, and even found a Stormbird tore to pieces one day. I’d sell you any coordinates you needed here. For a fair price, of course.

Carlos Hentrottaa

There’s a new role available for Project Nebula explorers, in addition to hunting anomalies for multiple factions, colonizing planets, and harvesting asteroids, players can now become the Starmappers of their sectors.

Active Explorers will be able to create a starmap NFT when they accomplish three tasks in-game:

  • 100% a sector (explore all void)
  • Acquire a blank map drive (various means)
  • Load coordinates into drive (present in sector)

This Starmap NFT will be sellable on the in-game marketplace. Every move made in the New Galaxy, from the feisty Roc to the powerful Behemoth, will be valuable. A new step into the world of Play-to-Earn, as every adventurer maps their way between the stars.

New Explorers (any player really) will be able to purchase these maps and benefit from two major perks when doing so:

  • Complete visibility within that sector of all objects
  • Reduced hex cost for travel applied to all hexes

With Crafting coming up soon, and PvP and PvE following its release in later expansions, having the ability to move cheaper and faster, harvest more resources and materials, and gain that level of visibility with just a couple of clicks will be paramount to ensuring your domination in the new galaxy.

Multi-token IRC-31 Support

What do you mean you’re out of Hyperscans! I flew all the way from Xun just to have you tell me some void-bag Terran bought the last of them!? Let me speak to your manager!


What do materials, consumables, blueprints and components all have in common? They’re being set up as tradable NFTs in Project Nebula!

Many players have some sweet blueprints and consumables in their inventory already — through competing in the zone control battle, opening GEN-0 Mystery Boxes, or by other means. Now, before Crafting is launched, players can expect to see materials and components introduced as well! All of these, and more, will be tradable IRC-31 Multi-tokens.

The Marketplace will soon be open to all explorers to buy and sell their blueprints and consumables! The team here at ICON Forge will continue to ensure that you’re all receiving them as well. It’s a good time to grab some anomalies and rank up in the leaderboard, recruits.

Materials, components. These are all coming soon, but slightly after this initial update. The universe is about to be saturated with goods that will allow all explorers to prep for Crafting.

Crafting will introduce materials, components and… more? It’s going to be epic. But that means that a Behemoth-load of NFTs will be introduced to the game.

In order to minimize the amount of time that players will be forced to interact with their wallets, they will not be minted into NFTs on the spot when a player crafts, discovers, or obtains them by other means. Instead, every explorer will have an on-chain and off-chain inventory — a smooth interface will allow for an easy drag ‘n drop exchange between the two, enabling someone to move 20 different items in one transaction, rather than twenty separate ones.

Developmentally, this will also play a crucial role in the future, when ships bear limitations on how much cargo they can transport at a time. Distance and weight will play a larger role, keeping things off-chain until they’re ready to be sold will aid this.

Buy and Sell Orders (and more!) are coming with this. Players will be able to see what is in demand (viewing buy orders) and can pursue this in-game to profit from other explorers. Additionally, anyone can create a sell order and list their blueprints, portable hyperscans, nanopastes, and materials, components and such in the future.

The introduction of a vast amount of tokenized possibilities means a greater interaction for all with the in-game marketplace. Play-to-Earn aspects of Project Nebula become much more fluid, as any explorer can actively pursue public demand, or list any items found under their inventory.

More News Coming Here: Nov 19 2021

Missions update and information. Hop into our Discord and Twitter to join the community chat meanwhile!

Project Nebula

A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration

Project Nebula

Project Nebula is a space-themed collectible strategy game on the ICON blockchain. Discover and own unique planets, artwork, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

Project Nebula

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A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, digital art, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

Project Nebula

Project Nebula is a space-themed collectible strategy game on the ICON blockchain. Discover and own unique planets, artwork, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!