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A Dream Delayed / Guilds Unite

Enjoy a more collaborative playing experience by turning your playgroup into an in-game Guild!

Life beyond the gate is starting to take shape and with colonization of the known cosmos drawing to a close it was hoped that a new time of peace and prosperity would dawn, away from the calamity wrought on our home system around Sol.

Alas, this dream looks that little bit further away as something sinister has been brewing in the dark - pirates and raiders traverse our sectors with state-of-the-art weaponry, technology that we have no understanding of how they acquired.

To this threat we are urging player groups to come forward and join us, growing strong together and repelling this danger. Through coming together we can achieve so much more, drive each other on through competition and when the time is right, strike back with offensive technologies of our own!

A word from the team

Some of you may have noticed that as part of the updated Leaderboard interface, there is now a ‘Guilds’ section that has yet to be expanded. Currently we have two active guilds who have made themselves known to the community. They are ICON Pinas and Void Legion, and through the power of their cooperation they have proven very successful in both claiming planets and completing missions thus far. We are aware that there are more playgroups out there at this time that are happily exploring in the game without becoming public.

In order to welcome these established groups into the game we are now taking the first steps to bring cooperative mechanics and metrics into the game interface, promoting a new layer of gameplay and ultimately a more rich inter-guild competition.

Can I form a Guild?

We look forward to welcoming guilds from a range of different backgrounds and tying them to the game itself. Below are some of these guild models;

- Established guilds like ICON Pinas and Void Legion which we are aware of need only provide us the in-game accounts they wish to link (one per discord verified crewmember)

- Established guilds which we are not yet aware of but have been playing for some time need only join our discord server and contact a commander with the details of their guild as above. We would also love to see a competition from yourselves if you feel the starter pack could benefit your guild's growth and gameplay :)

- For new guilds, where a number of their players may yet have not started playing Project Nebula (this could be any group from the community or even teams building on ICON looking for competition) — we welcome you particularly to take part in our competition below, though all are welcome.

How to form a Guild

A minimum of 3 players are required to form a guild in Project Nebula. Players can apply to have their accounts tied into a guild by contacting us - if you don’t yet have 3 players for your guild, we think it would be great for you to find new members by dropping into our community discussion boards on discord).

All guilds will need to choose a name for themselves, as well as select a representative. They will then need to have all members join our discord server and share their guild's discord handles and in-game account details.

Players guild affiliation will be visible under their profile as well as next to any deployed spaceships they have in the galaxy. Our recently refreshed leaderboard will receive an update to include a separate section for all the guilds of Project Nebula. Guilds will also receive a secret channel within Project Nebula’s official discord server to conduct their guild within reach of the wider community.

New Guilds Competition

To motivate all new Project Nebula playgroups into forming official in-game guilds we’re hosting a competition that will reward 3 teams with the Guild Starter Package —

Guild Starter Package

How to enter?
1. Name your new guild

2. Craft a creative piece around your guild that links it to the Project Nebula Universe (this can be anything from a logo to a written story to a GIF or even a video — there are no restrictions for the format).

3. Have your guild's leader submit both of the above as a reply to our Twitter post, then join our discord and introduce yourself!

4. Deadline for submission is 18.04.22 (12:00 EEST), after which we’ll have a joint voting session in both our Discord and Twitter - winners will be decided from a weighted total of both of these votes.

5. Top 3 teams will win the Guild Starter Package to kickstart their adventures in the Project Nebula Universe. Any teams that participate but don’t win in the competition can still have their guilds added into the game.



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