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If you thought this planet was beautiful when we found it, you should see it now. Amazing what a few credits, a Core Energy Extractor, and some simple, foundational science can accomplish.

Exploration is a large facet of the Project Nebula universe, but how well you explore and what you do with your discoveries will largely depend on resources. This article will easily break down Fuel, Credits, Industry, and Research for you before you hop in your ship and venture into the void.


“Your key for getting from A to B. It’s not rocket science (it’s rocket fuel).”

Spaceship: You’ll need a spaceship in order to have fuel, otherwise you’ll see a big, fat 0 next to the fuel gauge in-game. Your ship’s stats and some research will affect how much fuel you can hold and how quickly it regenerates.

Exploration: Moving into hexes will cost fuel points. Hexes you’ve already explored are cheaper to move back into than exploring entirely new hexes. For more information on movement through the universe check out our Spaceships, Exploration, and Discoveries guide.

Regeneration: Fuel regenerates hourly and will reach your ship’s capacity after 24 hours. You can boost your ship’s daily movement and max fuel by discovering objects in the universe and through research.


“Money talks. The Gateway, sure as stars, didn’t change that.”

Basics: Credits are an in-game currency totally separate from ICON and not based on a blockchain. Credits are generated by players upgrades and planets and discovered in the universe.

Colonization: Credits can be used to colonize planets. While some planets require ICX, credits can be used by players to instantly claim many planets they discover in the universe through exploration.

Upgrades: Most upgrades will require the player to expend some resources. Credits may be needed to start building certain structures on planets.

Regeneration: Credits accumulate hourly based on planet stats. If a planet shows an 8 next to the credit icon, this means the planet generates 8 credits total in a 24 hour period.

Credits can also be obtained through some in-game discoveries such as treasured asteroids.


“Dig, dig, dig. Who cares about the planet’s surface!? It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

Basics: Industry applies directly toward your planets’ upgrades. Each planet has at least one available upgrade slot; players use these to build and improve the value of their planets. You’ll use industry points and credits to complete many of these upgrades.

Future Development: Industry is vital to the initial Project Nebula launch, but even more so in upcoming developments. When players can craft their own NFTs in the game, industry will become a pivotal factor in how that’s done.

Regeneration: Industry points generate on an hourly basis based on your planets’ stats. A planet with an industry score of 4 will generate 4 points in a 24 hour period.


“Can’t stop at building a Gateway. Must…continue…analysing…”

Basics: What you research will affect your gameplay. From the planet types you’re able to colonize to the speed in which you build upgrades and even move around the universe.

Completing your in-game research tree will keep you a branch above other explorers who think learning isn’t kool.

Mechanics: A combination of technology and academics, research unlocks new abilities for players. Some planets have special resources, like Quartion Hybrids, which unlock researchable technology required for colonizing some types of planets. The stronger your research stats, the faster you’ll be able to complete your tree and take hold of the universe.

Regeneration: Research points show the maximum amount of progress that can be applied towards a skill within 24 hours. Your daily research point total is the sum total of your planets’ research stats.

An overflow pool is provided when extra research points are gained through in-game discoveries, such as finding Alien Objects. If you’re actively researching a skill, these discovered boosts are automatically applied to that skill rather than going into your overflow pool.



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