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Sep 14 · 4 min read

“Let them explore, I say it’s time to build! There’s a gold mine floating right under our feet here. Me? Quadstation. I’ll peddle fuel to anyone bursting through the Gateway.”

Gunther Halback

What are Zones (land) in Project Nebula?

Own a hex! The newest utility NFT in Project Nebula — a place for you to turn your blueprints into consumable, profit-making, advantage-giving map objects — much like land in other NFT games, hexes will begin with a centralised location in the GEN-0 and GEN-1 starting sectors.

The Crafting expansion brings a huge array of new mechanics, assets and content into Project Nebula; players constructing and deploying stations and many other structures into the galaxy is more than reality at this point.

Different types of map objects will bring varying benefits to their creators and owners. Explorers can benefit their own gameplay directly with some craftable map objects, and some they can build for other players to use — for a profitable fee of course.

Each sector has a fixed number of hexes available for player constructions; you must control the hex you are planning to build on before you can place anything down.

These hexes are known as zones (land), and come in various forms:

  1. Zones in the starting regions — will be minted as NFTs. These cannot be conquered or destroyed, but can be traded, sold, and owned.
  2. Zones in farther regions — Ownership may not be guaranteed with future zone releases as Project Nebula nears PvP and other expansions where maintaining control will likely require constant player interaction.

Ownable hexes will be in the starting regions: Planum Novae, Euler’s Hope and Pandemonium — easily accessible through spacedocks and wormholes from these sectors. 141 sectors within these starting regions will offer a total of 5217 zones over time.

When does the Zone control (lands) competition begin?

Stage 1: September 20, 2021 (time: TBA)

Regions: 3 starting regions that include Planum Novae, Euler’s Hope and Pandemonium.

Sectors: 141

Zones available to win: 423/5217 (total)

Stages 2+ will likely take place in one month intervals, but may vary from time to time.

How do I obtain Zones on September 20?

“Martians, Terrans, and representatives of the Merchant Lords have unilaterally agreed to offer rewards for those explorers willing to ensure the safety of these starting sectors.”

Broadcast from Amadeus spacedock

While some explorers will continue venturing out into the void for planets, others will have the chance to dominate their starting sectors. Zones (hexes) will be awarded in stages to players who complete tasks within these areas. Other rewards, like blueprints and consumables, will also be given out.

Like colourful bursts of energy, these anomalous map objects appear infrequently and randomly within the 141 starting sectors.

Explorers will need to visit these anomalies and use their ship’s scanners to properly read, record and identify them. Some are a bit rarer than others.

All players can visit the in-game Leaderboard to see who is ranking highest in each sector.

On September 20, 2021, all Project Nebula players will be able to start scanning anomalies in the Planum Novae, Euler’s Hope and Pandemonium regions. These regions host 141 sectors, within them 423/5217 total zones will be available for ownership.

This stage ends on October 20, but you’ll be able to track the progress of this from the updated Leaderboard (in-game menu) and see live stats for each sector’s top players.

The winners are announced on October 20, and the leading player* in every sector gains the rights for 2 zones, with the runner-up gaining 1 zone — a total of 423 zones will be distributed (8%) during this stage.

*Must have collected most data points from anomalies within a specific sector

The final locations of these zones will be determined, through an algorithm, when Project Nebula mints and delivers these NFTs to winners before the launch of the Project Nebula Crafting expansion.

You have a choice with two valuable ends: explore the unknown, or build the known up!

100% clearing starting sectors, increasing your movement modifier (antimatter!), upgrading your ship, using Atlas Stations — this is your strategy for detecting, visiting and reading these anomalies.

These hexes (zones) can only be obtained by assisting the Martian, Terran and Merchant Lord factions in scanning these varying rarities of anomalous energies. It is important that we understand them and ensure the safety of these sectors before we build.

Good luck out there, explorers! And remember to watch the #announcements channel in our Discord.

Project Nebula

A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration

Project Nebula

Project Nebula is a space-themed collectible strategy game on the ICON blockchain. Discover and own unique planets, artwork, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

Project Nebula

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A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, digital art, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

Project Nebula

Project Nebula is a space-themed collectible strategy game on the ICON blockchain. Discover and own unique planets, artwork, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!