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Hey, I’m in this for the coin too. Claim a planet, sell a planet. Whatever. Exploration keeps me moving.

Planets and spaceships (NFTs) can be found in the Project Nebula marketplace. Whether you’re looking for art, music, and lore pieces, or searching for the next ship or planet to give you a strategic edge, The Marketplace is where you need to be.

Before you start making marketplace transactions, you’ll want to have some ICX available. Check out our simple guide to Setting up an ICON Wallet.


Explore with awesome ships, claim awesome planets. That’s the goal. These cool NFTs can also be bought from other explorers in the Project Nebula marketplace.

Fixed Price: Click on Marketplace in the game to see all available listings under the Buy option. You can also click go to the Marketplace from the Overview screen if you don’t own any planets or spaceships.

Drag your mouse over the NFT you wish to purchase and the card will flip around to display a button to Buy for ____ ICX. Click this button to begin the buying process. If you don’t have an ICX wallet linked up, nothing will happen.

Follow your wallets prompts to easily and instantly claim your new ship or planet. If you get stuck, try reaching out to our community.

Auction: The steps for bidding are the same as buying an NFT directly.

Placing a bid using an ICON wallet. If outbid, the money is immediately transferred back to your wallet. If you win an auction (and congrats!), either the seller or buyer will need to confirm the action to trigger both the ICX and NFT transfer. Both are held until this confirmation is given by one party.

If someone bids during the last minute of the auction, the auction time is extended by two minutes until no more bids are placed.


Living on an ice planet not as chill as you thought? Need a bigger ship? You’ll be able to list any NFT you own through the Project Nebula marketplace.

Fixed Price. Done in just seconds! Click on the Marketplace and choose Sell. Now select the NFT you’ll sell or which of your active sales you’d like to Delist.

The Set Price option is chosen as a default, you only need to enter the ICX amount you’re willing to sell for and choose Create Sale. You can cancel your sale up until the point that someone chooses to purchase it.

Choosing to create a sale will bring up your ICONex wallet extension. You’ll pay a near zero transaction fee for listing with a quick confirmation.

Auction. Simple, but requires the user to choose the Starting Bid to kick things off — this is the minimum amount the first bidder can place.

You’ll also need to decide if the auction will span over 1, 3, 7 or 14 days. This is entirely based on player preference.

When the last bid is placed and a winner is known, either the buyer or seller will need to confirm it in order for the NFT to be received and the ICX to be transferred.

If a bid is placed on your NFT in the last minute of the auction, an additional two minutes are added to the auction time.


In order to stay organized, and provide a strong outlet for users to discuss the marketplace and shout-out their listings, we’ve created the Project Nebula Discord server.

Join the Project Nebula Discord and get real-time updates, info, and marketplace postings. Our Telegram is full of active members and always happy to jump into a discussion.



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