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Project Nebula : Planet Presale

Project Nebula is a space themed, collectable strategy game on the ICON blockchain. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, and more in an ever-expanding universe! Planets in Project Nebula are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that players can claim, trade, and sell through the in-game Marketplace. The game includes elements from the 4X gaming genre, such as open exploration, research, and resource management.

The time has come for the first planets of the New Galaxy to be discovered. NFT presale begins on: October 28th, 2020 / 10:00 AM (UTC)

What you need to know about the presale

There will be a total of 1100 unique planets created for the Generation Zero.

  1. The first 100 planet NFTs will hit the Marketplace when the presale starts (Oct. 28th);
  2. The presale spans 10 weeks with 100 new planet tokens made available weekly;
  3. All unsold NFT-s will be removed from the Marketplace at the end of every week;
  4. Unsold planets will return to auction in the final week of the presale;
  5. Planets left unsold when the last presale week ends will be kept by ICON Forge.
  6. Marketplace will be opened for all players once the presale ends. Then you will be able to trade for missing pieces with other players.

Prices of the NFT-s

  • Uncommon class planets priced from 25 ICX;
  • Rare class planet prices beginning from 75 ICX;
  • 1 Legendary planet released weekly and sold by auction, beginning at 300 ICX;
  • 1 Mythic planet from Generation Zero will be sold by auction, starting at 1000 ICX.

Quantity and rarity allocation of the NFT-s

A total of 1000 planets will be publicly available via Project Nebula’s in-game Marketplace. The remaining 100 planets are reserved for the team developing the game (ICON Forge), which will be used for marketing purposes and to reward our partners and all the people involved in game development.

In total, the Generation Zero set will include:
444 - Uncommon class planets
644 - Rare class planets
11 - Legendary class planets
1- Mythic class planet

The 100 planets kept by ICON Forge will include:
1 Legendary class planet
59 Rare class planets
40 Uncommon class planets.

The above allocation of rarity classes applies strictly to the presale. Generation Zero is the only generation to not include any Common class planets. Future generations will have significantly less Rare planets and the overall class allocation will be similar to this:
≈ 0,1% — Mythic class planets
≈ 3% — Legendary class planets
≈ 23% — Rare class planets
≈ 35% — Uncommon class planets
≈ 40% — Common class planets
*We reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the above class allocation model.

We created this article to help you become acquainted with Project Nebula’s core mechanics and main resources.

Digital art

In addition to the completely unique artwork, soundtracks, and story pieces, Generation Zero will come with 21 collectable art sets, to include:

8 artwork sets
soundtrack sets
story sets

No more than 10 copies of each collectable piece is ever dispersed throughout planets, which means that once you acquire a planet with a collection-based piece of art on it, there will be only 9 copies of that same art piece left in the world.

Read more about our Project Nebula’s approach towards digital art from this article.

Dust planet Collectable Landscape Art

The link to the NFT Marketplace along with the smart contract address will be revealed promptly before the start of the presale.

NB! Project Nebula runs on ICON blockchain. Follow these simple steps to make sure you are ready for the sale!

Visit for more information and follow us on Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates!



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Project Nebula

Project Nebula

A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, digital art, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!