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Project Nebula: Presale Results


The presale has ended and what an adventure this first step has been. You shot for the moon and soared through the stars.

Nearly five weeks ago, the mid-way update showed some exceptional statistics. The Project Nebula Telegram was a constant buzz of excitement every day, especially around the Legendary auction sales — these proved to be a real nail biter.

Thank you to all! Thanks for your energy. Thanks for your participation. It’s even greater than we expected and we’re fueled up and ready to blast-off into the next stage of game development.

But first, let’s celebrate these numbers a bit 🚀

You CAN Count the Stars:

Following some simple, corrective measures to the presale style following week 2, a weekly raffle was introduced to the Project Nebula Telegram group. The winners of this weekly raffle (weeks 3–10) were able to purchase Uncommon planets at a fixed price of 25 ICX. The results of this have been fantastic and drove some wonderful engagement with our community of explorers.

In the first few weeks of the presale, Rare planets were selling for as high as 1500 ICX. This was incredible! Sales averaged out in later weeks to around 300 ICX and allowed more people to actively participate in auctions. Rare planet sales were fun to watch; the prices varied greatly and players raced after planets they really wanted to claim. Every Rare planet offered was sold throughout the presale.

Legendary planets were introduced on a weekly basis. Every week proved even more exciting than the last as we continued to watch the demand for these collectible-heavy beauties soar. Auctions of Legendary planets varied from a strong 1,000 ICX to just over 5,000! Those who claimed their Legendaries found a buffet of collectible art, music, and lore.

And the ever-looming Mythic. 10 weeks of built-up excitement exploded into the craziest auction we saw to date. The discussion on Telegram never stopped, excitement could be felt on Twitter as pictures and information were teased, and the final results of this sale mimicked its engagement. One explorer successfully claimed this exotic Mythic and landed beautifully in its candescent, purple atmosphere.

Looking at the Numbers:

I. A total of 205 unique wallet addresses were used throughout the sale;

II. A total revenue of 234,319.20 ICX was generated through planet sales;

III. A total of 1000 planets were successfully auctioned off or sold in weekly raffles.

Where to Next?

Thanks again. To everyone who participated, to those yet to claim a planet, and to everyone actively involved in the discussion. We’re thrilled to say that the success of the presale means we will be absolutely able to further game development.

As we pilot our vessel into new territory, we’ll continue to update you along the way. Make sure you’re active in our Telegram and Twitter to ensure your logs are updated with the most recent game announcements.

🛰 Our current course is already charted.

I. Marketplace. The marketplace opens shortly following the sale of the Mythic planet Avastus. Read our full article on the Project Nebula Marketplace to learn more about its mechanics and use in-game.

II. Beta Testing. In about a month’s time, we will offer a beta version of the game to some users for testing. A registration for this will be given in the coming weeks and we’ll be sure to update all subscribers when it’s ready.

III. Launch. 2021. Following the pre-sale, our full efforts will go into furthering game development. We’ll be hanging up the “Pardon our Dust” sign as we dive head-first into aiming for a seamless experience at launch.

Though more details cannot be given currently on the estimated time of launch, the marketplace will be open during this time and we’ll be running a Beta test alongside it.

In Closing

You made this presale a success. We’re using every bit of that energy to keep moving forward. The next generation of planets is itching to be explored. 2021 will be even more exciting than 2020.

Keep your satellites turned toward Earth for more news on Project Nebula’s launch.

Into the Void,

The Project Nebula Team



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