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Project Nebula Progress Update 02/22

Find out what the team's been up to since the beginning of 2022 and what to expect next!

2022 has started off with a lot of exciting developments at the Forge — from new game features to new people joining our team, below is an overview of the progress we've made in the past month and a half:

Project Nebula:

- IRC-31 Multi-Token update was launched at the start of February, turning all in-game assets from consumables to crafting blueprints into tradable NFTs on ICON blockchain. Before that, these were all off-chain and account bound items, but now all players can buy and sell these at our Marketplace. The update also included a rework of the existing inventory system of Project Nebula, moving assets that are not planets or spaceships into the upper navbar for easier access during gameplay.

Another effect of this release was that all these items now obtained a price on the marketplace, giving tangible value to the rewards one can earn when playing the game.


- New Marketplace mechanics were added to the game.
Players are now able to create both buy and sell orders for the IRC-31 Multi-Tokens. This is an important step for allowing an in-game economy to fully develop and we expect it to start playing an even greater role with each new expansion that will be released in the future, especially with the Crafting expansion where trade and cooperation with other players will make all the difference.


- Cooldown of all consumables have been reduced - instead of the previous 3-day cooldown for using any kind of consumable, all consumable items now have a cooldown of just 1 day and this applies per consumable type, meaning players may use one of each type of these items every 24h!

- ICON Forge node was launched, aiming to improve overall game performance as well as reduce the occurrence of various glitches that originated from non-ideal connectivity to ICON blockchain. While our node is temporarily under maintenance at the moment of publishing this update, we are planning to switch the entire game to our new node as soon as it's stable.

- First article on Crafting was released. Crafting is the next major instalment to Project Nebula that will allow players to start mining for resources on their planets and use these resources to craft new NFTs with various in-game effects and functionalities. If you haven't already, read the full article here!

At the Forge :

Apart from new game features, 2022 brought several changes to our team as well. We're thrilled to announce that the Forge has on-boarded 5 new members since the start of this year. While the effects of this growth will not all be instantly visible, we're happy to say that all of the new joiners are already finishing settling in and are adding significant value to Project Nebula.

Martin — PvE/P Subteam
With Martin joining our team of developers we were able to kickstart a separate development team — Project Nebula now has a dedicated task force working solely on the PvE/P Expansion that's being built right now in parallel with the Crafting expansion. While this means that we perhaps missed out on an opportunity to bring Crafting out a little bit sooner, we still consider this a good move in the long term — our combat system is a complicated and difficult development, starting working on it ASAP means that we're able to complete both of these rather massive expansions sooner than we would if we tackled them one after the other.

Jaan — UX/UI Designer
Much of the current designs and interfaces that you see in the game are the result of a joint effort by the founding members. While we’re always proud of what we’ve built for Project Nebula, with the constantly growing complexity and new features of the game, we've come to realize that this is not a sustainable approach any longer. That is why we partnered with a UX/UI designer, Jaan. His first step at the Forge was refreshing Project Nebula's visual identity and right now we're continuing with rebuilding both our webpage and all interfaces inside the game, making your playing experience more immersive and awesome!

Joonas — Analyst/Economist
We also on-boarded an analyst/economist Joonas to the team whose main job is to ensure that all our important decisions are thought-through and data-driven. As most of the Forge, he as well is right now focusing heavily on the Crafting expansion, helping us with game design and making sure that the economic system of Project Nebula plays out well both when Crafting launches and in the future.

John & Daniel — Community Managers
Additionally, John and Daniel have joined Project Nebula as the new community managers, bringing many improvements and much needed new energy into the communication and collaboration between the team and the community. Thanks to them, our Discord server now hosts several useful fan-made tools and our guilds finally have a place for discussing their plans and strategies in the official Project Nebula server. Most of you have surely already met Daniel and John in our Discord and Telegram channels, if for some reason you haven't, push this button!

We're really looking forward to share more about what all these new members are bringing to Project Nebula!

Our next releases:

  • Sales History of IRC-31 tokens
  • Starmapping expansion
  • Leaderboard 2.0
  • Crafting



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